Magic Magic everywhere – Too bad you can’t see it!

A person who doesn’t see magic isn’t alive fully.  This might be a bold claim you may think, but I assure you it’s the truth. The good news is that one can be revived quickly and no defibrillator is necessary.

When a person becomes more and more rational, meaning they use logic (a mind process) as their primary way to view the entire world, they do not see the world anymore, but merely concepts overlay-ed on top of the world and loose explanations on everything.  When one views life through this logical way, all magic is sucked right out of life because how can one explain magic with logic? It isn’t possible as magic cannot be explained, it can only be experienced through being.  Since it cannot be explained then it simply cannot exist for a logical person and therefore life becomes dead.

The minds main reason of existing is to calculate, analyze, explain, build, and dissect things, it’s not to know existence. Existence is infinite and therefore can’t be known with a finite object (The mind).

The problem is that since the mind has helped humans create all sorts of comforts in this physical world , humans now believe that all is possible with the mind.  This is simply not the case and can be witnessed firsthand if one actually starts learning to step outside of the mind.  This can be done by asking deep fundamental questions of the mind and observing that the mind is a trickster and a liar and is keeping you stuck in is fibbery.  Once a person can learn to separate from the mind for brief intervals, only then magic will be seen again.

If you actually see the world, magic will be revealed everywhere and in everything, but one must truly see the world and that is outside of the mind.  Otherwise you will be conceptualizing, trying to explain, or think about all that is seen and miss the essence of what is actually there, which is pure magic.

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Here are some things you can contemplate…

How does anything exist? like truly how can anything really exist.  Isn’t it magic??  A flower, a planet floating in space, a bird, wind, the sun, gazillions of grass blades, a universe,  you, thoughts.  You can try to explain all of this with your mind, but then you’ll be making theories upon theories and really not explain anything really, because whatever your philosophy on life will be, you will get to a stalemate where the final thing is never really fully explained.  God, The Big Bang, Evolution, whatever it is that you believe in, there will never be pure concrete evidence EVER!

The truth is that it’s all magic and it doesn’t need an explanation because the whole point of life is to experience it, and not just philosophize until your head explodes. Although if that’s how you want to experience life, then that’s also an option since life is infinite, meaning all possibilities are open for you to explore.

Take a look at how a child views things for the first time if you have gotten to grown up and logical, and notice that everything they see is magical.


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