Sense Deprivation (FLOAT) Tank: Why it’s a cool Experience and what it can teach you.

If you aren’t familiar with this experience that is possible for you to have yet, then chances are that you have been probably living under a rock (would love to hear about that experience actually) or you aren’t really into trying new things.

Whatever the case may be, I am here to give you a little breakdown of this experience and what it could do for you.

What is a Sense Deprivation (Float) Tank:

The name might put you off a bit since it sounds like some weird chamber of death or something. Basically all this is, is a bathtub like structure with a cover and a lot of salt.  Everybody has been in a bathtub before…I hope anyways! pppppppeeeuuuuuu if you haven’t haha.  This bathtub like structure has a couple of more additions as well.  The water temperature is the same as of your skin’s temperature, which makes it feel as if the parts of your body that are in water and outside are the same.  It’s called a Float tank because the amount of salt that is put in there makes you float completely on it’s own, no need for your help like in actual water, which allows you to actually let go complete control of your body.  The tank is quite large as well and usually there is a light that you can have on if being in darkness makes you uncomfortable.

Why is it an Experience Worth Having:

The reason that this could be a powerful experience for you is because if you haven’t meditated a whole lot in your life, you will probably not be aware that most of your suffering is caused by your own mind.  Since all your senses are temporarily dis-activated in the tank (when the light is off and no sound is heard either) it really shows you how much your mind just yaps and yaps without any of the outside world really triggering it.  When this is actually experienced first hand, it can trigger a life changing moment in you since for most of humanity the problems that exist for them are seen as if they are out in the physical world, when in reality they are actually occurring in the mind.  Not a bad realization just from a little float session, right?

If you don’t want to expand your consciousness and all you want to do is float, then that is a pretty cool experience as well.  Just found out as well that they make even larger float tanks for 2 people to be able to go at once, which is nice if it’s your first time and your a bit unsure of the experience.

I did some research and most large cities now have these float businesses popping up everywhere, so unless you live in the jungle, chances are that there is one close to you as well.  As for price, they are quite reasonable and many have discounts if you check their website on a frequent basis…usually closest to holidays. Groupon and Living Social is a good try as well.

Anyways happy Floating 🙂

Here are some Pictures:

Float Tank Selfie -

Float Tank Open -

Float Tank -






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