Human (when life goes well) ZOMBIE otherwise

Try to notice today in your own experience that when things are going your way (unfortunately this doesn’t happen too often) You are a pretty decent human, and so is the case for many people. How about when life seems to give you shit, or the complete opposite of what you think it should? Are you still a decent human then? Because this is the point where most people transition into ZOMBIES.

-a Zombie in this case is not a monster, but just an
unconscious / programmed / ego driven person
who is consumed by the cravings and delusions of
their mind and has not realized that this is the case-

If you live just by reacting to whatever comes, you will be a miserable person, unhappy most of your life. The weather isn’t going to cooperate with your ideas, your wife or husband will challenge you in many things, your kids wont listen to you, and whenever an event comes that makes you uncomfortable, you will turn into a zombie, only to wake up when you have caused some havoc. Hopefully the spell doesn’t take you over to the point that you ruin your life and perhaps other peoples.

The key here is to realize that YOU have the power, but WARNING, this is tricky, because you need to know Who You Are first to tune into this power. Only when you are able to accept that this is the case, change can happen.

Also, I am not saying that shitty situations will never be experienced, but the way you perceive life and those situations will be different and that’s true growth. Most, just try to change the outer stuff because usually that’s the easiest change, they try to control and manipulate reality because that’s all they have ever done in this life and all that they know. I’m here to remind you that there is another way, and that is to turn inward and realize Who You Are Fundamentally, beyond “your” additives.

If you want to see if a person has some awareness, notice how they take on challenges, because this is the time where people really go unconscious and turn to zombies. First though, it’s best to observe yourself, because otherwise you might get too busy judging how others are zombies, while missing out the fact that you are one too.

Stay Human, but if you happen to find yourself turning, that is okay too because it’s a process that takes time.

If you need some tools, I created a Practice Section that can help you on your journey or you can check out my book.

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