Just Quirky Enough

Driving with me is super fun, I swear! But parking with me… well, bring some snacks. I am definitely one to strategize in this department. I’m astounded at people who can effortlessly pull their vehicle into an empty spot and then just…like… leave it. I have preferences! End spots by curbs are my go-to. I like knowing that nobody can park behind me—or to one side of me. I also like to think about my exit strategy. If I’m going to a place with very tight parking for instance, you better believe, I’m arriving early and either backing into a spot or driving into one so that when I leave, I can just drive out. Sorry suckers… beep-beep away at each other while I drive off into the sunset with a bag of money – wait, sorry that’s another post.

Friends have told me I’m also a very active hand-talker. And they’ve referenced my need to greet a bunch of people along my path because despite my introverted tendencies, I still somehow “know everyone”. On that note of social stuff, I can talk fast at times. When I’m really excited, my mouth goes way too fast actually for my own good and I’ve had the occasional word trip, stutter, or lispy sound emerge. 

Eating with me is also an adventure. Just like any testy 3-year-old, I can’t eat the crust on my sandwich – unless it’s at a restaurant; their crust is always superior. Otherwise, the texture is just not for me- but like at home, you know? And on the subject of sandwiches, tomatoes should never be placed in between bread. It’s too watery… they’re supposed to be diced up and chopped into cooked foods. That’s how that works. I also love to listen to all different kinds of music. But in the car, I need to sing along and if you make the mistake of getting something stuck in my head, well then… I guess we’re both listening to it on repeat now until we’re both equally sick of it. That’s the only way it expires from my mind. And it’s not just in the car that music is a thing with me, by the way… unbeknownst to me, I hum often and make “sound effects”, according to my brother and a close friend.

Why do I bring up such strange idiosyncrasies? Because they’re what make us who we are! What’s your weird thing? There’s got to be at least one—probably more. If you’re drawing a blank, ask a loved one… I’m sure they’ll have a few. My friends didn’t hesitate at all to tell me!

Personally, I think there’s fun to these quirks if you can appreciate that they represent something kind of “different” about you. They’re also good to reflect on because sometimes they have a deeper root than you might expect. For example, the parking strategies with me are partially based on me just being me… but there’s undoubtedly some level of anxiety that feeds into that, I’m certain. By contrast, the food peculiarities are mostly preference and also an effect of me constantly trying to see what makes me feel the best. Regardless of the reason (if any), it’s good to be aware of these things, so you can be more compassionate when your quirks even drive you up the wall. You’re not just a royal pain in the ass. 

Also, as an added exercise, this awareness can help you find the quirks of your loved ones more endearing. How boring would this universe be if we all did the same stuff exactly the same way? One of my favourite rom-coms is When Harry Met Sally and if Harry can learn to love how long it takes Sally to order food, there’s no limitation on what we can all do in real life!

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