Small Moments

For so much of our lives, we’re bombarded with messages about dreaming big. We’re encouraged to travel to some paradise location, get married, have children, land a stellar six-figure job, etc.

While all of these things can illicit a feeling of happiness, I’d like to make the case that what we all need more of in this life is an appreciation for what the little moments can mean.

Going on a walk in a park or a nature trail is one way I notice I feel joy. Reading a good book is another. And there are countless others: Learning something new by immersing myself in a podcast. Going to an art exhibit or charity show. Wandering city streets with good company having silly chats and deep ones, too. Watching a movie at home. Indulging in food from a favourite restaurant. Buying something at a craftshow. Strolling through a shopping mall at Christmas. Trying something new or driving to a different part of town while listening to music. Buying (or making) someone a gift and wrapping it up. Putting a puzzle together. The list goes on and on.

I’m thoroughly convinced these are the most beautiful things in life. I mean, what else is life other than an accumulation of moments, both big and small? 

So, try to ignore Instagram feeds once in a while and reflect on the tiny moments of your day where you felt happy. For many of us, if we really pay attention, there are many.

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