The Big Picture is HIDDEN when operating in a self (Me Mode)

Seeing BIG isn’t possible if you are stuck in a self.

For the majority of people living on this planet, the common view for the entirety of life is seen through a self (a mind constructed entity) that they believe that they are, and even if they believe that they are something more, no direct experience is ever touched.  When this is the case, a person’s view of each experience will be a self experience, rather than just experience it self.

If you are living in a self experience reality, then each moment will be perceived by you as if it’s happening to a you, rather then just happening.  If all of your time is consumed by being in this self view (Me mode) as I like to call it, then how can you view the world from a BIGGER picture? You can’t, because all that will be seen by you is how reality is treating the you.  To see BIG, one must drop the self and become experience.

When experience it self is experienced without a self, there is no need for reality to be a certain way anymore, and therefore the view can be of the total reality rather then just a fragmented piece one usually sees from when consumed in a self.

Example…Think of a pizza that’s been cut into slices (lets say 8 of them for visualization purposes)

-The whole pizza is reality in it’s totality and you are ultimately all of it.
The mind constructed you, the self (me mode) is the border that has been created when your slice was cut out.
-Most of humanity lives as if they are their individual slice of pizza their entire life and they don’t realize that they are the whole pizza.
-Seeing the BIGGER picture means joining back your slice and becoming the entire pizza once again.

This BIGGER view is a perspective that can be utilized by all humans and is very beneficial if you are seeking peace in life and the ability to observe existence in it’s raw essence, rather then just being engulfed by just the self aspect of it.  You will be able to come back to the self and this happens automatically usually, but now you will also be able to go beyond the self when that view is needed.

Magic Magic everywhere – Too bad you can’t see it!

A person who doesn’t see magic isn’t alive fully.  This might be a bold claim you may think, but I assure you it’s the truth. The good news is that one can be revived quickly and no defibrillator is necessary.

When a person becomes more and more rational, meaning they use logic (a mind process) as their primary way to view the entire world, they do not see the world anymore, but merely concepts overlay-ed on top of the world and loose explanations on everything.  When one views life through this logical way, all magic is sucked right out of life because how can one explain magic with logic? It isn’t possible as magic cannot be explained, it can only be experienced through being.  Since it cannot be explained then it simply cannot exist for a logical person and therefore life becomes dead.

The minds main reason of existing is to calculate, analyze, explain, build, and dissect things, it’s not to know existence. Existence is infinite and therefore can’t be known with a finite object (The mind).

The problem is that since the mind has helped humans create all sorts of comforts in this physical world , humans now believe that all is possible with the mind.  This is simply not the case and can be witnessed firsthand if one actually starts learning to step outside of the mind.  This can be done by asking deep fundamental questions of the mind and observing that the mind is a trickster and a liar and is keeping you stuck in is fibbery.  Once a person can learn to separate from the mind for brief intervals, only then magic will be seen again.

If you actually see the world, magic will be revealed everywhere and in everything, but one must truly see the world and that is outside of the mind.  Otherwise you will be conceptualizing, trying to explain, or think about all that is seen and miss the essence of what is actually there, which is pure magic.

Adventure -


Here are some things you can contemplate…

How does anything exist? like truly how can anything really exist.  Isn’t it magic??  A flower, a planet floating in space, a bird, wind, the sun, gazillions of grass blades, a universe,  you, thoughts.  You can try to explain all of this with your mind, but then you’ll be making theories upon theories and really not explain anything really, because whatever your philosophy on life will be, you will get to a stalemate where the final thing is never really fully explained.  God, The Big Bang, Evolution, whatever it is that you believe in, there will never be pure concrete evidence EVER!

The truth is that it’s all magic and it doesn’t need an explanation because the whole point of life is to experience it, and not just philosophize until your head explodes. Although if that’s how you want to experience life, then that’s also an option since life is infinite, meaning all possibilities are open for you to explore.

Take a look at how a child views things for the first time if you have gotten to grown up and logical, and notice that everything they see is magical.


Don’t OBEY! Morality is a man made construct.

Almost as soon as one comes out of the womb, there is already adults standing by to tell you the rules of how this life works and must be lived.  First, you are told not to cry because no adult likes a cry baby, then you are told what you should and shouldn’t do because life is full of dangers, and then finally, you are explained to what is right and wrong because how else will you be able to be a fully functioning and successful member of this society?

Although this all seems as if it is the best way to develop a child and keep this world thriving, it may actually be the most limiting way to experience this existence and expand human consciousness.

This post might stir up some emotions in you, since many people believe that if rules and right and wrong would not exist, then all chaos would break loose in this world. The question is, is that really the case? and if that is your belief, then I ask you, have you ever questioned your beliefs and contemplated morality from a deeper level?

When one starts looking within and starts going beyond the self, this issue of morality becomes absurd, and that is because without mind created selves, reality just exists how it exists and that is all.  It is only when this notion of the self comes into play that this moral dilemma is experienced.

The real issue in life is that the primary state of humanity is in a very low state of consciousness and therefore the majority of society is stuck in the self, and from that level everyone is just trying to survive.  If all the selves are just trying to survive, and not expand to the highest depths of consciousness, then morality needs to be created in order for the selves not to kill each other.

Rebel -

The thing is that even though most people aren’t consciously aware always but expansion is what they are seeking, not just mere survival.  Otherwise we would just be another animal.

If you ever have heard about or seen Maslow’s Triangle on The Hierarchy of Needs, you will see that survival is on the most lowest tier of the triangle and expansion only happens when you start going higher.  If you’re okay with just eating, sleeping, and procreating (surviving) then by all means just continue, but if you want expansion then it might be time to start looking within and starting to question topics such as morality in a deeper way.

Beliefs are LIMITing your life

If you ask average people to name some of the most important things in life, one of the common answers will undoubtedly be their beliefs.

Many people get caught up in this idea of thinking that beliefs are something fundamental and truthful, yet people believe in all types of airy fairy things and barely ever question them.

If you actually take sometime and research what a belief really is, you will quickly find that it is a deep ingrained thought. The problem with that is that thoughts are very fictitious a lot of the time, yet they can seem very truthful. An example of this is the belief that God is some white dude with a beard sitting in the clouds. This might seem ridiculous to you, but many people still believe that this is what God is. Another example is Santa Clause, as adults we know that Santa Clause isn’t real, yet kids below a certain age truly are fooled that he exists.

I know what your thinking, “but my beliefs are different, they are real” okay who told you that they are real? I know, your mind told you and you just believe what your mind tells you and that is the problem. Or you just believe other people’s mind because it’s more wide spread and they did some “research”. Just because people put an idea into the masses, doesn’t mean it’s anymore truthful then the belief that you hold. Remember the world is consumed by their minds, most average humans have never questioned their own minds, as consciousness work and self inquiry is not a common practice in society.

Now that maybe I have got your attention, just look at your own life and admit to yourself that beliefs shape your life in a huge way. It can be in simple things as the food that you choose to eat, the people you hangout with, the music you listen to, all the way to what you think is real and not. The whole point of this post is for you to just see that beliefs are limiting and even though they are useful in some instances, they must be let go of if you want to expand your consciousness to the highest depths possible.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t believe in things anymore, it just means that you need to take those beliefs with a grain of salt and question them often.

Who am I?

Asking questions of yourself could be a huge stepping stone in finding deeper truths of existence.

Isn’t it funny how we just assume that we know who/what we are?  and then we just live our lives never really going back and asking deep questions to double check if we really know the actual truth.

Have you ever thought about this? or are you just distracted by society and all it’s shiny things?

The thing is that when you just assume that you know what or who you are, you basically just have stepped into a cage, locked the door, and gave the mind the key.  Now you just scream from the window once and a while and hope that someone will unlock you from the prison you choose to be in.

When you ask questions of yourself that are deep, and start observing, you start seeing that the mind is full of nonsense and actually has no clue of who/what you are.  It just has some ideas and concepts that it’s made into beliefs and now you recite them as if they are the truth.

Question -

You are not your body and you are not your mind.  Actually investigate this for yourself and don’t just believe it, as that will not help anything.  To grasp the depth of this fact you must question the mind for yourself.  Take a couple of minutes, sit down and ask yourself some of these questions…

If i’m the body where am I located?
If a piece of my body is taken away do I still exist?
If i’m the mind where am I located? (ask the mind to pinpoint your location)
Where do I exist at this moment?

For this to be an effect practice, you will have to do this exercise multiple times and it will help if you’ve had some meditation experience.  If you don’t have meditation experience you will fall victim to the mind because it will answer these questions for you and since your consumed by the mind, you will believe those answers and fall back into it’s game.  It’s important to know that you are not looking for an intellectual answer right now, you are observing how flimsy your mind ideas it comes up with on who/what you are.  Once you can spot that the mind has no solid answer, you have created a separation from it and for a brief second you have dis-identified from your mind.  This will not last for long and once again you will fall asleep and believe what the mind has always told you.

This is a good first step and could be a monumental one to raising your level of consciousness and maybe one day even reaching enlightenment.

Most of the world is asleep in their own mind’s bullshit, are you?




The Leaves are still the Tree.

Have you ever taken the time and just observed a tree for a while? If you have then you could have gotten some valuable insights on life.

One of these insights that a tree can teach you is that the leaves, branches, fruit and whatever else grows on that tree are still the tree, yet they each have their own unique perspective on life.

You might be asking yourself how the hell is that an insight and useful to anyone?

Well it all depends on what you value in life.  If it’s just physical growth then things like this will never interest you much, but if it’s finding fundamental truth and living from there, then insights like this could be super valuable.

Many of us forget that we are part of something way bigger than ourselves.  From a very small view you just see a human, but from a higher perspective this human is no different than a leaf, a branch or the other parts of a tree. It too is part of something more total.

A leaf doesn’t see itself, and therefore can’t notice that it’s also the tree.  You can see yourself and can start unlocking the infinite perspectives from which you can view life.

Don’t just be too busy stuck in (things, the mind, the yourself) or you will miss actual reality.  The closer that you stay to what is fundamentally real, the greater your ability will become to see life from a total perspective, not just the leaf view that you are seeing through now.  Enjoy being the leaf, but remember that your the branches, the bark, the roots, the fruit, as well.

Humaning (Fishing for Humans) – What Humans would do if they were aliens.

Have you ever taken the time to step out of yourself and notice how unconscious humans are? This includes you as well by the way.  The average person lives primarily their entire life in “me mode” (seeing the world through their own beliefs, ideas, concepts, etc.) they only see what they want to see and therefore aren’t viewing the world from a truer/bigger picture.

Since our advances in technology have been so monumental, our mind tricks us into believing that we are such an amazing conscious species, yet what we do to not only other creatures on this planet, but ourselves can only be identified as unconsciousness.

A human has no natural predators, yet the amount of human deaths caused by foolish humans to other humans is absurd. Not to mention the amount of death humans impose on other creatures just because we believe that it is our right to.

Humaning -


Sometimes I wish that aliens or another species would exist that are smarter, bigger, and just as unconscious as us, so that we can get a taste of our own medicine.  That wouldn’t help anything of course, it’s just a thought.

Now imagine if we get to the stage that we can fly to other worlds routinely, we are going to bring this idiotic unconscious behavior everywhere we go.  As long as a species is smaller then us, it will be our food, play toy, and whatever other use that we can think of with our unconscious little brain.

It’s funny how there are countless of blockbuster films made about alien species coming to invade earth and the humans must band together to stop them.  I think that it’s time to start showing a more likely truth and that is of humans invading other planets and destroying those worlds.

The goal of this post isn’t to put down humans, it’s just to open your eyes to the obvious truth that we are very unconscious and unless we start making it a priority to raise the consciousness level of our planet, there might not be one for much longer.