Alertness – a key component in consciousness work!

One of the most powerful tools that you possess is the ability to be ALERT.

It may seem like it’s not really that important normally, but in consciousness work alertness is what allows you to spot the mind’s subtle trickery.

Being alert allows you to observe in real time the switches between conscious and programmed/unconscious behavior.

By alert I don’t mean being anxious for something to happen, by alert I mean being totally present in every moment that is now.  Think of a cat or dog waiting for their owners to return home or waiting to be fed, as soon as that moment occurs the pet is alert.

This is the same type of alertness that one must learn to cultivate in order to stay conscious.  The main challenge is distraction, as it is the minds greatest weapon on keeping you unconscious.  Distraction comes in various forms, it can be mind created – which is you living in your mind stories (past or future) or it can be done with objects -one of the most obvious objects that you and the rest of the world are distracted by, is your mobile device. Yes you can argue that you’re doing work, but that too could be considered a distraction, although lets not talk about that here.  Lets just say that society is filled with all sorts of distractions and instead of making consciousness a priority, people get lost in those distractions, sometimes for their entire lives.  The question is are you one of those people that has become permanently distracted? Be honest with yourself, I don’t really care if you are.  If your mind is coming up with excuses right now, then there is your answer.

Although to get the real answer to that question, just become your own experiment today and use your ALERTNESS to observe yourself in each present moment. If actually do this you will quickly notice that you aren’t home, meaning that you’re never really ever in the present moment – you are distracted.

Alertness is a skill that could be learned and mastered, but for most people it serves very little purpose as consciousness and truth means very little to them.  Don’t be one of these people if you seek meaning and fulfillment in your life.  Be alert, always.


Truth, it’s Distorted!

Have you ever realized that whenever you communicate with another person, the information will always be distorted in someway?

This will always be the case because just like a simple game of broken telephone shows us, is that even the simplest information passed through other people will always end up being distorted through their minds way of interpreting the information they received.  Each individual is different and sees the world in a completely unique fashion even though society tries to make it seem as if we are all very similar.  Another reason this is the case, is that the mind is a great and powerful instrument but it only sees things partially and when you just see a part of something, how can you ever know the total? This is especially true when the total is way beyond the mind.

The Truth is no different, and by Truth I don’t mean if someone is lying to you what they did yesterday or who they hung out with. By Truth I mean the fundamental Truth of who or what you are and what reality is.

Distorted Truth -

You know that our language is made up by our minds right? It was created by us to be able to communicate simple things to each other and build a civilization.  Now unfortunately though, many people believe that with this language you can know the Truth of life, but how can that be true when this language is just symbols that have been overlay-ed on top of reality to make our lives easier?

To know actual Truth, fundamental Truth that is, one must take an inner journey to their core and to do that one must learn how to dis-identify with their mind created self as that is exactly what is keeping them stuck from seeing and experiencing this Truth.  People can point you to this Truth but until you actually put in the work yourself, then all you will see of the world is partial views that are distorted through other people.

Remember that many people live life from low consciousness, meaning they only see life bit by bit through their mind.  If you want a deeper understanding then it might be time to start merging the bits together by letting go of the mind and seeing through oneness.


You are God!

You are God!
(not a man or women in the clouds) but infinity in all directions.

At your core you are god (this infinity), in your current state you are a piece of god (piece of infinity). The piece doesnt see that it is god because it has to break away to be a piece.

Whatever you do, who ever you are, you are still god at your core and a piece of god living now. When you die you become god, because you already were god, but just you broke away temporarily from infinity.

Death is just going back to god (infinity).

Everything is god and nothing is god.
Good, bad, right, wrong, ugly, smart, funny, stupid, evil, pretty, short, tall, rich, poor, sun, moon, hurricane, water, bugs, dog, cat, rain, sound, colors, feelings, thoughts, etc.
These are all part of god because all is included in infinity.  It’s impossible to make a list of infinity, so hope that gets the point across.

This is clearly evident in all aspects of life but the problem is that your lazy and too distracted to search and you just believe things that you gather through mere knowledge, which is a function of the mind and that is just again one fragmented piece of god.

You are stuck in your break away piece of god and now your trying to collect all of infinity one by one through physical objects. The physical world is just one piece of god, but you spend practically all your time there trying to become god. This doesn’t work obviously if you haven’t noticed yet because how can you collect all of infinity when you are one piece of it?  Look inwards, merge with your full godliness again consciously and then enjoy the physical world.

Wake up or die…either one will show you this truth.

This is what all religions point to at their core if you look past all their propaganda.

Knowing this will do very little for you because the mind will grab hold of this knowledge and either recite it to others like you know more then them or it will just be forgotten quickly. True growth is when you actually experience this first hand by merging your piece of god back to the total. From there it can do a lot for you because the way you will start seeing the world and all it’s pieces will be in a much deeper fashion.

Example…when you experience that another is god as well as you are, then consciously hurting them is almost impossible.

intelligence vs knowledge

Have you ever taken the time to observe the basic functions of the mind? and through it seen it’s limitations?

The mind basically thrives on acquiring knowledge, and the funny part is that it’s not necessarily to make your life any better, or find deeper truths of life, but usually to compete against other minds based on all it’s gatherings.  It makes you believe that if you know more information then someone else, you are then more adequate, special, worthy, or whatever else you are promised by it.

The truth is that it’s an amazing thing that we have this super computer know as the mind that we can use to acquire knowledge, but what you have been asleep to, is that you have become it’s prisoner.  The mind now uses all the knowledge that you have been feeding it to distract you from living in the world as is, and rather you are now living in a world that the mind makes you believe should be.

Only when you start to take the time to get to the bottom of what you are fundamentally will you be able to see that there is something far more greater than knowledge and that is deeper intelligence.  By intelligence I don’t mean about how smart you are using your knowledge, by intelligence I mean a greater power that is operating in this universe and one which is available for anyone to tap into if learned how.

Knowledge is great for doing trivia, building some stuff, and understanding man made things, but it will never get you to see life for what it is fundamentally.  Tap into the most inner dimension by going within and you will see an intelligence at work that can never be understood intellectually by the mind, as your mind created you is what is blocking this intelligence from shining through.



Warning! You will Die, but don’t fear Death.

Have you noticed that in our world death is regarded as the worst possible thing that can happen to someone, especially you? You might get triggered here and be like, yeah of course it is! If so, why do you believe that this is the case and have you ever questioned if this was the truth? I mean stepped outside of the collective mind patterns on what society perceives death to be and really contemplated it for yourself.

Most people just see other people dying and right away their mind makes them believe as if death is dreadful.

The question I ask of you… is how do you know? Is it because people have told you this? Is it because it scares you? Is it because you created a grimm fantasy of what it will be like? Is it because all the things that your attached to will be taken away?

If you just live like the common person in society, then chances are that your living your life faced outward just seeing the physical world and from that stand point death will look quite frightening.  I know this because I lived like that for many years of my life and it was the same way for me.

The Human -

The good news is that there is another way to view death and it is outside of your mind created self, outside of duality, and from that view point death is quite fascinating.

The biggest struggle with death is the “YOU”, the mind has made a false you, and that belief that a you exists is the whole dilemma.  If you would just get back to the fundamental truth of who/what you are, then you will notice that death is just a play of life and it doesn’t end your life, but is just one aspect of the totality of it.

If you want to go beyond life and death, then you need to start looking deeper, start turning inward and finally figuring out that the physical world is temporary and your mind has created a temporary entity of you as well.  The physical world is not the totality of life, it is just one aspect of it.  This can all be experienced, but it all depends on how deep you are willing to dig, and how open you are to the truth.



Law of Impermanence (RIP)

Have you noticed that the physical world is full of limitations and laws?

Many people seem to be aware that this is the case, but they never put any effort into understanding them and even worse they try to go beyond them within the physical, which is impossible. (physical means limits)

One of these laws is The Law of Impermanence.  If you familiarize yourself with this Universal Law, you will quickly understand that nothing is permanent and that includes even your body.

You need to really spend a lot of time contemplating this law to get the full understanding of what this means and it’s usefulness to you.

Many people are so caught up in their mind created fantasies that they get trapped in the illusion that things can be kept and therefore they continuously search for happiness in the temporary.  Once you can learn to use the laws that govern the universe, such as The Law of Impermanence, then the physical world can be quite fun, but as long as you continue to try to escape limitations through physical means, your time on this planet will be full of suffering, which will be mostly all created by your mind.

The average person is consumed by things, and those things keep a lot of power over you (Your car, your house, your phone, your bicycle, etc.) Way back in the day, you had some twigs, rocks, and maybe some leaves, but now we have all sorts of things and they even get added to our identity, which means giving them up will be a real fight.

When you can actually be able to use something when needed, but then also be able to let it go without making a big deal about it, you will be able to have a much easier time living your life especially when it’s time to give up the biggest attachment of all, your body.


Observing Thinking (Thoughts)

Have you gotten to the point in your life where you started observing your thinking?

It’s funny because everyone possesses this skill, but yet for many people in this world today the mind continues to run their life and keeps them from operating at their highest potential. If you are okay with a neurotic lying psychopath to be driving the car while you are the passenger, then just continue as you were.  I for one have been that passenger for way too long in my life and therefore decided to start investigating if what the mind tells me is true and if the excessive mind activity is necessary.

You don’t need a PhD in research to become the observer of your own thoughts, it just takes some effort and alertness.

Here is a simple way to start…

Set your timer on your phone for 10 minutes. Throughout this 10 minutes just observe your thoughts.  You don’t even have to be meditating per say, you can be walking, working on something, washing the dishes, etc.  Whatever your doing in this 10 minutes just try and be aware of your thoughts without getting caught up in them, judging them, or trying to make them different.

Probably during this attempt you will get sucked into much of your thinking, try and just be aware of that too.

Once the timer goes off, just take a moment and recap all the thoughts that you were able to observe.  If you’re honest with yourself you will have noticed that your mind was bombarding you with so much fiction and nonsense, that if it was a real physical entity, it would be locked up in a nut house.  The even crazier part is that it captures you, either by you being totally caught up in it’s stories, or by you reacting to what it is telling you.

The key is to notice that the minds whole power is your attention and reaction, if you simply don’t listen or get drawn in, your attention can be put in other areas.  These areas can be anything from the sensations that are going on throughout your body, to noticing life from a higher view, to seeing things outside of conceptualizations.  You basically can become alive more deeply, as your stream of consciousness is able to go where you want it to go now, rather then just being caught up in thoughts.  

Just because being consumed in thinking is the primary state of the world today, doesn’t mean it not a dysfunction.  Cure yourself by being able to observe your thinking, rather then always being stuck in them.