Worshiping Others Takes Away Your Power and Prevents Enlightenment

In the beginning when you are totally lost and need a starting point, it is nice to be guided by someone wiser then you. They can help bring out insights, keep you on course, and get you further than you could have gone on your own.

There comes a time thought, that eventually all wise masters; Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Muhammad, and even the idea of God must be let go of intellectually. This is because these individuals are all just direction pointers to something that is beyond themselves.

The problem is that to the mind run, which is the majority of society still, something that is beyond the mind can never be understood and this is what those entities have been pointing to with their teachings for centuries.

You can see in your own experience or with those close to you, that we humans love to pedestalize entities, whether it’s; celebrities, sports stars, musicians, artists, or the named above spiritual teachers.

This all may seem like very innocent behavior and doesn’t seem as if it would be dangerous, but this is exactly how religions – the organizations created to spread this deeper truth – have themselves been pedestalized and turned into mind monstrosities and started to abuse the worshiping. When one lives in the mind, they cannot see outside of it and therefore no matter how noble they may seem, mind games exist at all levels, even the most sacred spiritual ones.

The fact is that nobody is greater or less than you, EVER! and this can only be truly experienced when you can learn how to detach from your mind.  When you are worshiping some entity (no matter what it is) that means that you are saying that they are above you and in turn you allow them to rule you.  This is all egoic at this point because one’s power can’t ever be really taken away, but on the level of the mind it seems as it is and therefore many fall for this game.

Only when you stop worshiping can you realize for yourself what those spiritual teachers have realized and tried to point you to.  This is the truth of what you are and this cannot be told to you because it’s outside of the mind, yet you want to know it with the mind.  See the dilemma? No matter who tells you this, it will be on the level of the mind and therefore it will always be this type of worshiping business.  Like today, people love the Buddha for being awakened, but many people worship him for being something special, when that is done it is saying that he is above them and therefore they will always be stuck from seeing the actual truth of what he was pointing to and that is that everyone is the Buddha, they just need to have an experience and not just try to figure it out with the mind.

Duality – it’s a Mind Thing

Are you even aware that duality exists?

This might sound silly to ask such a question in this day and age, but many people still live primarily all their life in make believe, so it’s totally possible that they haven’t even observed that the physical world is dual.

By duality, I mean that everything is broken up into two parts by the mind.  It cannot be any other way or else the physical world would not exist.  Things such as life and death, good and bad, happy and sad, self and other, all are aspects of the same thing.  This can be seen if you take the time to observe life from outside of the mind.

This could be a super powerful realization for you to have, but it must be experienced and not just thought up, because knowing it through conceptualizations won’t do much as that’s how you know it now.

When you start touching unity (detaching from your mind self), you finally start seeing that most people, including you get deluded by their mind into thinking that somehow they can escape the other aspect of what they are seeking.  Duality cannot be escaped when trapped in the mind, and if you continue to seek just the one aspect, you will suffer every time when the thing that you have been seeking transforms into it’s other half.

Duality Split - BeHumanNotaZombie.com

The key is to start accepting that the physical world is indeed dual and only then the mind will not be able to continually fool you, that if you go towards one side of the coin you somehow will be able to avoid the other.  I am not saying to give up playing this game of teeter totter either, I am just saying be aware that you are playing this game and it will always be this way when you are living from the mind self.

One must truly spend a good amount of time contemplating this subject and learning to dis-identify from the mind realm to get this, or otherwise you will just know it intellectually and that is still a mind thing.

If this is something that you would like to pursue, then a meditation practice is vital.  You don’t have to become a mystical yogi that lives in the woods, just 5 minutes a day to start will get you moving in the right direction.  When unity is experienced directly, the way you view the world will change drastically, because no longer will you see fragments everywhere as are seen through the mind.







Infinite Infinity

All possibilities are possible when you become it.

Hand drawn on graph paper. Pencil and Ink.

Took around 30 hours.

Made to be viewed from all sides.

What do you see when you look at this?

Interested to seeing other people’s perspectives.


Side 1

absolute infinity side 1 - BeHumanNotaZombie.com

Side 2

absolute infinity side 2 - BeHumanNotaZombie.com

Side 3

absolute infinity side 3 - absolute infinity side 3 - BeHumanNotaZombie.com

Side 4

absolute infinity side 4 - BeHumanNotaZombie.com


Sense Deprivation (FLOAT) Tank: Why it’s a cool Experience and what it can teach you.

If you aren’t familiar with this experience that is possible for you to have yet, then chances are that you have been probably living under a rock (would love to hear about that experience actually) or you aren’t really into trying new things.

Whatever the case may be, I am here to give you a little breakdown of this experience and what it could do for you.

What is a Sense Deprivation (Float) Tank:

The name might put you off a bit since it sounds like some weird chamber of death or something. Basically all this is, is a bathtub like structure with a cover and a lot of salt.  Everybody has been in a bathtub before…I hope anyways! pppppppeeeuuuuuu if you haven’t haha.  This bathtub like structure has a couple of more additions as well.  The water temperature is the same as of your skin’s temperature, which makes it feel as if the parts of your body that are in water and outside are the same.  It’s called a Float tank because the amount of salt that is put in there makes you float completely on it’s own, no need for your help like in actual water, which allows you to actually let go complete control of your body.  The tank is quite large as well and usually there is a light that you can have on if being in darkness makes you uncomfortable.

Why is it an Experience Worth Having:

The reason that this could be a powerful experience for you is because if you haven’t meditated a whole lot in your life, you will probably not be aware that most of your suffering is caused by your own mind.  Since all your senses are temporarily dis-activated in the tank (when the light is off and no sound is heard either) it really shows you how much your mind just yaps and yaps without any of the outside world really triggering it.  When this is actually experienced first hand, it can trigger a life changing moment in you since for most of humanity the problems that exist for them are seen as if they are out in the physical world, when in reality they are actually occurring in the mind.  Not a bad realization just from a little float session, right?

If you don’t want to expand your consciousness and all you want to do is float, then that is a pretty cool experience as well.  Just found out as well that they make even larger float tanks for 2 people to be able to go at once, which is nice if it’s your first time and your a bit unsure of the experience.

I did some research and most large cities now have these float businesses popping up everywhere, so unless you live in the jungle, chances are that there is one close to you as well.  As for price, they are quite reasonable and many have discounts if you check their website on a frequent basis…usually closest to holidays. Groupon and Living Social is a good try as well.

Anyways happy Floating 🙂

Here are some Pictures:

Float Tank Selfie - BeHumanNotaZombie.com

Float Tank Open - BeHumanNotaZombie.com

Float Tank - BeHumanNotaZombie.com






What is Real?

From a very mental standpoint the question of what is real might seem absurd to many people, because it’s easy to say to oneself that obviously what you SEE right in front of you is what is real. Have you ever taken the time to investigate this theory though?

It may appear that what is in front of you is what is real, but if you put a little research into this subject matter by going beyond the mind, turning inward – one of the things you will find is that the mind can really do a number on you and show you all types of additions on top of reality, but it does not show you actual reality.

It’s not a secret that people can see all types of different things in reality then you do, so if that is the case, then who sees reality in the most truest fashion? or is it possible that what we each just see, is our minds conceptualizations of reality? If each person just adds concepts onto reality, then it would be definitely possible that there would be infinite variations of how reality is perceived.

By this question of what is real, I am talking about what is reality right now in the present moment. What is real when you see a tree? What is real when you see an animal? What is real when you see a human? Are you seeing an outline with colors inside? Are you seeing an energy field? Is it just sensations and images? What is the fundamental reality of life outside of all concepts created by humans?

It’s very easy to just assume that the eyes are telling the truth, but remember that the things that you see have been all conceptualizations by your mind and what is seen is something way beyond what the mind has labeled it as being, pure reality is just being without needing an explanation or labels. A mind consumed individual will never get this because they need to figure things out, the mind is a figure-outer, but the paradoxical thing is that it will never be able to figure out what it is beyond it self with it self, and that is where what is real lies.

Here’s something to think about… the green little strands of matter that grow out of the ground aren’t really grass, you know that right? Someone showed you pictures and said some words and now you call it grass because in order to communicate to others, you can’t just really say “hey look at that piece of being” Everything is being, including that person that you’d be saying that to. The mind turns things into just a flat image with color, but your too busy to investigate this though because your stuck in mind games all your life.

The question really should be, what is real outside your conceptualizations, beliefs, ideas, etc.? What is real outside of your additions? Most people will never know this because they are run by their mind so greatly that they aren’t aware that all that they know and see is all just programmed material developed by other humans and placed on top of actual reality. They basically convince you that labeling on top of reality, is the best way to function on this planet. I am not saying that labeling isn’t useful, I am just saying that you don’t know life outside of those labels anymore, and that’s just sad.

Start noticing that the mind is a tool to use with this body on this physical world, but it’s just like any other tool, it’s useful for somethings but for other things, such as knowing truth and finding what is real, it is not. The mind is just computing constantly, creating additions on top of reality but additions can’t know reality because they are always going to be additions.

Once you let go of additions you start getting closer to what is real because what is real is what you get when you subtract everything that has been added to the fundamental reality that exists only in the present moment.

The Big Picture is HIDDEN when operating in a self (Me Mode)

Seeing BIG isn’t possible if you are stuck in a self.

For the majority of people living on this planet, the common view for the entirety of life is seen through a self (a mind constructed entity) that they believe that they are, and even if they believe that they are something more, no direct experience is ever touched.  When this is the case, a person’s view of each experience will be a self experience, rather than just experience it self.

If you are living in a self experience reality, then each moment will be perceived by you as if it’s happening to a you, rather then just happening.  If all of your time is consumed by being in this self view (Me mode) as I like to call it, then how can you view the world from a BIGGER picture? You can’t, because all that will be seen by you is how reality is treating the you.  To see BIG, one must drop the self and become experience.

When experience it self is experienced without a self, there is no need for reality to be a certain way anymore, and therefore the view can be of the total reality rather then just a fragmented piece one usually sees from when consumed in a self.

Example…Think of a pizza that’s been cut into slices (lets say 8 of them for visualization purposes)

-The whole pizza is reality in it’s totality and you are ultimately all of it.
The mind constructed you, the self (me mode) is the border that has been created when your slice was cut out.
-Most of humanity lives as if they are their individual slice of pizza their entire life and they don’t realize that they are the whole pizza.
-Seeing the BIGGER picture means joining back your slice and becoming the entire pizza once again.

This BIGGER view is a perspective that can be utilized by all humans and is very beneficial if you are seeking peace in life and the ability to observe existence in it’s raw essence, rather then just being engulfed by just the self aspect of it.  You will be able to come back to the self and this happens automatically usually, but now you will also be able to go beyond the self when that view is needed.

Magic Magic everywhere – Too bad you can’t see it!

A person who doesn’t see magic isn’t alive fully.  This might be a bold claim you may think, but I assure you it’s the truth. The good news is that one can be revived quickly and no defibrillator is necessary.

When a person becomes more and more rational, meaning they use logic (a mind process) as their primary way to view the entire world, they do not see the world anymore, but merely concepts overlay-ed on top of the world and loose explanations on everything.  When one views life through this logical way, all magic is sucked right out of life because how can one explain magic with logic? It isn’t possible as magic cannot be explained, it can only be experienced through being.  Since it cannot be explained then it simply cannot exist for a logical person and therefore life becomes dead.

The minds main reason of existing is to calculate, analyze, explain, build, and dissect things, it’s not to know existence. Existence is infinite and therefore can’t be known with a finite object (The mind).

The problem is that since the mind has helped humans create all sorts of comforts in this physical world , humans now believe that all is possible with the mind.  This is simply not the case and can be witnessed firsthand if one actually starts learning to step outside of the mind.  This can be done by asking deep fundamental questions of the mind and observing that the mind is a trickster and a liar and is keeping you stuck in is fibbery.  Once a person can learn to separate from the mind for brief intervals, only then magic will be seen again.

If you actually see the world, magic will be revealed everywhere and in everything, but one must truly see the world and that is outside of the mind.  Otherwise you will be conceptualizing, trying to explain, or think about all that is seen and miss the essence of what is actually there, which is pure magic.

Adventure - BeHumanNotaZombie.com


Here are some things you can contemplate…

How does anything exist? like truly how can anything really exist.  Isn’t it magic??  A flower, a planet floating in space, a bird, wind, the sun, gazillions of grass blades, a universe,  you, thoughts.  You can try to explain all of this with your mind, but then you’ll be making theories upon theories and really not explain anything really, because whatever your philosophy on life will be, you will get to a stalemate where the final thing is never really fully explained.  God, The Big Bang, Evolution, whatever it is that you believe in, there will never be pure concrete evidence EVER!

The truth is that it’s all magic and it doesn’t need an explanation because the whole point of life is to experience it, and not just philosophize until your head explodes. Although if that’s how you want to experience life, then that’s also an option since life is infinite, meaning all possibilities are open for you to explore.

Take a look at how a child views things for the first time if you have gotten to grown up and logical, and notice that everything they see is magical.