Hello! My name is Eight and I am a Human

-a Zombie in this case is not a monster, but just an
unconscious / programmed / ego driven person
who is consumed by the cravings and delusions of
their mind and has not realized that this is the case-

I know what you are thinking, and sure! I’m green with yellow eyes, I don’t wear shoes, my clothes are torn and I probably smell pretty bad, so that must surely mean I’m a Zombie, right? But that’s just the appearance and not who I am at my core, I was just mostly conditioned to being this way. I didn’t receive much love or attention, and spent a lot of time living in dumpsters, hence one of the reasons for the smell and perhaps the green tint. In honesty, it wasn’t too bad, I had my freedom, the body though started becoming a bit disformed from all the uneven sleeping surfaces. Have you ever slept on a couple of cans? You might be wondering about my mouth as well, I sewed it shut because I realized the sounds that were coming out of it were always mostly destructive. They didn’t help any one, especially me, and the silence has actually unlocked new possibilities which I never knew existed.

Because of this silence I learned a special practice, called MEDITATION (which allows me to see the world just how it is). It wasn’t easy at first, have you ever tried calming down a brain thirsty operating system. All it sees is brains for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. But cravings are just a sort of memory and new memories can be made. Yum, bananas!

Eating better made the body feel better, and in turn unlocked another practice, called YOGA (which allows me to understand this complex creature that I am occupying, and retune the body through certain proven movements for optimal health and performance in this playground that is life). Repetition is key here. Over and over until the body becomes molded and strengthened to receive higher energies.

To be honest, before knowing what I know now. I’ve definitely snacked on some brains, terrorized many people, hurt innocent creatures, and destroyed the environment around me, but it was nothing against anybody, I was just hungry and acted from my level of understanding at that time. I was operating in Zombie Mode. Hope you can forgive me, because I had to forgive myself as it is a part of me just as it is a part of you.


Life was a real challenge to fit in as well. I put on many different masks and many have attempted to put me into a box because they seem to live in their own. But how can the Infinite be contained?

I may be wiser now, but seem to know nothing, yet knowing this nothing is really the greatest something.

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