Dark Meditation

A powerful meditation technique that helps you consciously go into the darkness that lies within.

*Warning – if you aren’t able to root yourself in the present moment, then you might want to work on that first before experimenting with this technique

Getting Started:

Item Needed

All you need for this experience is a pitch dark room (bathroom works great) and a willingness to go cave diving into the darkness that exists in you, which will most likely be hijacked by the mind and it will bring up things that you fear. Darkness is not scary, it’s the stories that you created about what happens in the darkness that you fear.


Get comfortable and in a meditative posture.
Follow the steps below or listen to the guided audio.

Guided Dark Meditation Audio

Step One

Go to the room that you have chosen to do this meditation in and just look around with the lights on just to show yourself that nothing scary is there. That’s right, Nothing is not scary. The mind is because it creates fear in order to make you believe you are a piece and not the whole.

Before starting this meditation, it is also important for you to understand that the Present Moment is what is real and where You reside, and it will be your safety cord if you get too uncomfortable and will want to get out. The way to stay in the present is by rooting yourself through your body (feeling the body touching the floor is a great way). So, anytime you get frightened and drift off in mind land fantasies which are poofs in the air, just put your attention back into the body. Feel it, and remind yourself that you are just sitting in the safety of this room that you have chosen to be in and can stop at any moment.

What we will be doing here is a dive into the vast darkness that exists in you. The mind has convinced you that what is there is scary, and the way it does that is by showing you all that you fear (whether it’s from your actual experiences from the past, or from the entertainment that you immerse yourself in, or from the fantasies it creates, etc.). Only when you are ready to go into this darkness within on your own willingly, will you ever find peace in your life and a true connection with Source. This is because your mind thrives on the fact that you are afraid of it showing you all sorts of things (content) that it convinced you that are scary, and it uses this weapon against you whenever it needs power over you, especially when you decide to question it or try and see what lies beyond it.

Just think about it, you fear many of the thoughts that show up for you on a frequent basis and you run away from them because you feel as if they have power over you. Some of them are horrific! And just thinking them makes you feel as if you will be a bad person, or will do something evil, or something like this. You definitely don’t want to admit to other people that you have them either. This is all just the games your mind plays with you, and uses the darkness that you never went into consciously as a smokescreen to keep control and prevent you from looking deeper.

Ultimately, you and everyone else convince yourself that you are some form of good, but that’s just a fragmentation you make within and then you always fear the bad (whatever that is for you). You also do that on the outside, projecting your fragmentations on others, but that’s another story. What is important is when there is a realization that YOU JUST ARE, this is because with that comes an acceptance that in physical life there is an oscillation happening between 2 points and only if a merge of these two polarities happens, no longer will you dwell in either side.

Everything comes from NOTHING and when you finally learn to bypass the mind’s content that you are always consumed in, can you finally jump back into this beautiful NOTHING aka Darkness that is available for your always.

This place located deep within is healing, it’s creative, it’s intelligent, it’s loving, it’s everything you seek.

Step Two

Turn off the lights and sit down in the place you decided to choose for this meditation. Use a flashlight if you need help maneuvering in the dark. Keep your eyes open for this first bit.

Get comfortable and start observing all the movement going on inside and around you. With your eyes open start putting your awareness on the dark space that you see everywhere. Don’t try to see anything really in the dark, but just keep your attention on this dark alive space. See it’s movement, feel it’s presence, just get immersed in it with all of your being, surrender because you are safe.

Notice that your mind will probably get really active since it’s dark and there are no other distractions to occupy your attention. Dissolve it’s power by getting back to the now if they get too intense, otherwise just allow the mind to bring up whatever content it wants. Just observe it without trying to run away, oppose it, defend yourself on some identity or stance. Observe these sort of cloud stories that come and float by without lingering in any. If you can create some space from all the mental processes that will be going on, you will be able to have a glimpse of the mind (the wackjob) at work, and it’s quite absurd and also comical of what it brings up. You also have to make a counterintuitive move here and tell yourself that what the mind brings up is never you, You are not your past, You are not the future, You are not what the mind tells you, You are beyond it’s content.

In these meditations we are not interested in the mind’s content. It will always find endless things to try to get your attention with. This is what it does your entire life. What we are interested in, is the S P A C E.

Just sit there and experience this dark space that surrounds and encompasses your experience, that encompasses everything. Get it! Space is a link.

Step Three

One you have been able to establish a sort of connection to the present moment by just being in this experience. You can go ahead and close your eyes if that isn’t too much for you. If so, just continue sitting there with your eyes open.

Continue to just allow this moment to be how ever it is. No control is needed here, so just be. If there is annoyance, uncomfortableness, certain sensations you don’t like, noise, can you just accept that they are what is there and allow the space to once again be the focus of your attention, not the items in it. We always give attention to things, here we are more concerned about letting things be, and just seeing what this space is, because it’s quite interesting that things in life only take a small amount of space and, yet space itself takes up the majority. Even in your body, in cells, in atoms, space is always there and it’s more vast than any thing. Hmm, seems important, seems like this S P A C E is something more than meets the eye.

Have you every considered that you can be space? When a bird comes into “your” space or another human, or the wind, or whatever. Why is it always necessary that you try to control the situation? Is it possible that you can just connect to space and allow whatever comes out of it to just be in the space that you even consider as yours? How do you own this space, why is it that others aren’t allowed to enter it, have you considered you might be also intruding on “their” space?


You live in fear and a lot of it. It is why you aren’t living the life you really want and why you hide your true self from others. You can claim that you don’t, but that is just because you cling to some identify. One that needs to be constantly maintained and which was mostly fabricated through trying to fit into a society, which just operates on certain assumptions that it believes are true. This human it self is a limitation created to play in this physical playground, and when you realize that you aren’t just this human, when your awareness raises and consciousness shows you that the infinite temporarily has just taken on a form out of Nothing, you can relax and start to dismantle any identities because they are only as solid as a sand sculpture. Your mind is creating sculptures in the vast Darkness and you take them as you, and never play in the sand creating your own reality. Why not?

These types of meditations are made to get you to realize that you are boundless and only when you can have an experience of it for yourself, will you be able to finally just be. It’s healing, its creating, its loving, it’s everywhere and nowhere and You are it.

Your mind traps You in things and it’s even convinced You that you are a thing, while cleverly vailing your vision from seeing that all things come from Nothing and this Nothing is everywhere and it is You. It’s so obvious that you can’t see it cause it’s always there in your face. And what is always there becomes invisible.

“rat”, “tentacle”, “spiders” taken from Paint 3D gallery.

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