Be Human, Not a Zombie is a site dedicated to higher conscious living.  

I have been a “Zombie” for most of my life, until I started to learn that it is possible to dis-identify with my mind created self and live out of my authentic conscious presence.

I have spent more than 15,000 hours over the last 7 years doing an empirical investigation into who/what I am in my most fundamental nature through meditation, yoga, questioning, and observation.

I share my results in My Book, Instagram, Youtube, and on BeHumanNotaZombie.com

The main reason I have been experimenting on myself over the last couple of years in this way, is because I finally got tired of not living out of my fullest potential.  

I have always been my own worst enemy, well my “Zombie” self has and it infected all areas of my life.  And I’m confident to say that this is the same for you as well, if you know it or not.

I was a nationally ranked Canadian tennis player and an NCAA Division II scholarship recipient, and even with all that success in tennis-the thing I loved, and dedicated my life to, I would still get abused by my own mind constantly, which made no sense!

And through many years of coaching tennis, I was also able to witness that the mind suffering wasn’t just an issue for me, it was there for all my students, and this went way beyond the world of tennis.

After this discovery…. finding the “Zombie” cure was my mission in life, and Be Human, Not a Zombie was born.  

I hope you take some time to read, like, follow, and stay a while, because I promise that what you will learn here could change your life dramatically.

But remember that this is not main stream stuff, or a quick fix. It will really take an effort on your part, but if you begin now, I promise that you wont regret it, because this will permeate through the entirety of your life.



Pawel Wegrzyn