Life is experienced.
Friends experience life.
Friends share what they have experienced in life.

Hello! My name is Kayla and I’m a former Zombie…

I didn’t start off that way. As a very small child, I enjoyed life to its fullest and was at peace with myself. But, it didn’t take long before that peace became disrupted without outside voices.

Kayla’s Posts

Hike This Way

Serious question: how do you walk?

As a person who loves to hike and go on nature walks, I’ve been trying to observe how my personality makes itself apparent while outdoors. And I’ve been paying special attention to the patterns that show themselves with my friends and family.

For the Love of Books

“She loves books!” my mother called out to my aunt as a one-year-old me tore open a Christmas gift. As I think back to watching old home videos, that moment is still etched in my mind. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved the sight, feel, and experience of a book.

In Defense of the Suburbs

In the last year, I feel as if I’ve met a record number of people who want to leave the city. Some talk about retiring young in South America, others want to make new lives for themselves in Europe.  The reasons are the same. It’s boring here. Our way of living is backwards. We work too much. I’ll admit that I’ve certainly had these thoughts cross my own mind in the past.

Cool Cats – Conscious Humans (Female Edition)

About a year ago, this article was posted for the Be Human, Not a Zombie community to help you find some interesting thought leaders. While that first post highlighted some great male voices that could help enrich one’s spiritual journey, female voices were saved for a later date… Surprise!! Today is that date 🙂

Must Drive Stick

“He likes too many pictures of girls in bikinis,” my friend lamented one afternoon, as we walked through the park. Feeling disheartened from what her social media stalking had turned up about her most recent OKcupid find, she needed a vent-session.  It seemed that her suitor’s interest in beach bodies was not the only thing upsetting her. 


When I was a little girl, my brother and I used to play in our front yard. Often, we would throw a tennis ball against the brick of our house and caught it when it bounced back towards us. We didn’t have much room to work with, but some days, our neighbours would go out and we stood on their driveway; this allowed us to have more distance from the wall.

From Pain to Forgiveness

“Do you have a list of people who you feel anger towards?” This was the question that my conflict resolution instructor asked, as we started the day’s class. I had been in a bit of a professional rut, so deciding to take career growth into my own hands, I signed up for a leadership certification program and this was a required course.