Chakra Meditation

A simple, yet super potent meditation technique that uses colors to connect to the 7 main Chakras located along the spine. Chakras are the energy centers in the body and there are many of them.

*Warning – you may feel uncomfortable amounts of energy coursing through the body with this technique

Chakra Locations and Names

Getting Started:

Item Needed

You will need a chakra bracelet. You can create your own or buy it from my Zombie Shop
(A bracelet works best because you can move your fingers along even with eyes closed)
You can use other things like chakra crystals, small rocks painted, or other creative options.

An open mind. You don’t need to believe in anything here, especially some chakras, but you do need an open mind to allow you to surrender to a possibility that there might be something beyond your understanding.

Familiarize yourself with the locations of the chakras in the body (image above)


Get comfortable and in a meditative posture. Have your bracelet or other items near by you.
Follow the steps below or listen to the guided audio.

Guided Chakra Meditation Audio

Step One

Close your eyes, and start rooting yourself to the present moment. Put your attention on all the sensations that are occurring for you in this moment. Let anything you experience to just be without needing to change it, or have it be any other way. Whatever thoughts, feelings, and emotions arise, just observe them from a distance. If they are very powerful, take a few conscious deep breaths.

Inhale and Exhale rhythmically for as long as you need.

What we are trying to establish here is a connection to all that is without being so captured by just the mind processes. If you are new to meditation, your mind will try to grab your attention any chance it can get and with anything it can. Don’t fight it, just let it settle down on its own by putting your attention elsewhere.

Step Two

Pick up your bracelet or other item of your choosing, and have your fingers of both hands (thumb, index, and middle or whatever works for you) start on the RED color having a slight pause on each location, next slowly sliding your fingers up the bracelet to the ORANGE color, pause, then the YELLOW, pause, then GREEN, pause, then BLUE, pause, then INDIGO, pause, and finally VIOLET, pause. Just experiencing how that feels, and now we can go the reverse all the way back just to familiarize ourselves with our tool that we are using to facilitate this experience.

Step Three

Root Chakra
Start by having your fingers on the red color of the bracelet, close your eyes, and put your awareness on the location of the Root Chakra energy center within you, which is located at the base of your spine (Butt Area). Just sense what is going on in that location. Sensing takes practice, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t feel anything. These locations get blockages and the energy can get restricted, so just spend a couple of minutes on allowing the energy center to open. As you are doing this, it is helpful to envision a sort of red portal/vortex opening up and being free to move without your control. The color red is a frequency, all colors are, so try to tap into red’s vibration, by starting with your fingers and letting it permeate through your body and moving to that center.

You might feel a strong energy surge in that area of the body, or you might feel a resistance that is there, or a blockage. Be patient, just like with outer things, the inner world takes time to understand. If it’s too uncomfortable at the moment, then stop and try again another day. There will be some discomfort because this is all about movement of energy.

Sacral Chakra
Next, we will move our fingers to the orange color of the bracelet and take our awareness and move it up the spine to the Sacral Chakra energy center within you, which is located just below the navel, near the pubic region.

This time we will envision an orange energy portal opening and allowing it to flow. Lets spend a few minutes once again just focusing our awareness on this location and just sensing what is happening there. You might start having sexual thoughts or desires come up since this location is liked with our sexual processes, just experience whatever comes, but once again, don’t give your attention to the mind, but just what is being experienced in that location.

Solar Plexus Chakra
Now lets move our fingers to the yellow color of the bracelet and take our awareness and move it up the spine to the Solar Plexus Chakra energy center within you, which is located just above the navel and near the lower rib cage.

Just like with the others, begin by envisioning a yellow energy portal opening and letting it flow naturally. We are not trying to control anything here in this practice, but just being the awareness of the experience. Think of awareness as a flashlight that you are pointing in that location and just seeing what is there.

Take a few minutes to stay there and experience what comes up. Sometimes the mind will start trying to come in and try to make sense of whatever is coming up, but we are not interested in that here. We need to touch pure reality, outside of the mind’s additions. If you want theories read a book.

Heart Chakra
Slide your fingers to the green color of the bracelet and move your awareness up the spine to the Heart Chakra energy center within you, which is located around the heart.

Envision a green energy portal opening and allow it to move freely without your help or control. Experience the sensations that are occurring in this location and don’t get too hung up on seeing some portal if this isn’t helping you. That is just to help get things going and focus your awareness and attention in that area.

Lets spend a couple of minutes just observing what is happening in our direct experience. There is no good or bad here. If nothing is happening, that is okay. No force is necessary, it’s the surrender of control that will allow you to touch deeper dimensions. Control will prevent this experience.

Throat Chakra
Next, we will take our fingers and shimmy them to the blue color of the bracelet and move our awareness up the spine to the Throat Chakra energy center within you, which is located at the throat area.

Lets once again go ahead and envision a blue energy portal opening up and allowing the movement to flow without restriction. Notice the energy that is being experienced in this location and refrain from trying to control or understand anything, just let it be.

Experience all that is being felt for a few more minutes.

The first 5 chakras that we went through were part of the physical realm. These next two are associated with transcending. These might be more challenging to access especially if you are really tethered to the physical and have a hard time surrendering to the unknown. You must be willing to let go and dive into the depths of your being. Otherwise, you are constantly living in the mind which is always fragmenting reality and therefore not allowing you to have a clarity of the true nature of who you really are.

Third-Eye Chakra
Lets now move our fingers to the color indigo of the bracelet and with that take our awareness up the spine to the Third-Eye Chakra energy center within you, which is located at brow level between the eyes. It is helpful to slightly tilt your head back as you are working on these next two centers.

This time we are envisioning an indigo energy portal, if you aren’t sure what indigo is, I really didn’t either, it’s a mix between blue and purple. Hey, we are learning! Lets stay here for a few minutes.

Sense the movement that is occurring in that location and allow whatever comes up to be. This is usually a very strong energy field, especially if the previous 5 centers are open and flowing, so if it becomes overwhelming just open your eyes and take a break.

Crown Chakra
Finally, we can slide our fingers to the violet color of the bracelet and shift our awareness up to the top of the head to the Crown Chakra energy center, which is located above the crown of the head.

Lets go ahead and envision a violet energy portal opening and allowing the movement of energy to flow without your doing. We are just experiencing the phenomenon rather then adding anything to it. In the spiritual realm, surrender is what is needed, not control. You must let go of yourself and allow what is to happen.

Stay here for a few minutes and just experience this moment how ever it feels.


Most people live their entire life just living from the level of survival (occupied in survival processes), and there is nothing wrong with that parse, if you are an animal, but since you were given this highly sophisticated humanoid equipped with the possibility to touch the deepest depths of existence. Might not want to squander this opportunity, because if you are really honest with yourself, you will have to admit that mere survival isn’t doing it for you, as it is filled with endless suffering and your being is in a constant search for something beyond. You currently are trying to reach this something more through the physical, and this might be okay for the time being, since you aren’t filthy rich yet and haven’t gathered all the possessions that you can hope for, but ask any honest rich person, and they will let you know that the void that you think will be filled with stuff, well it doesn’t work that way. Your being wants to know infinity, and good luck collecting that with stuff or people, to touch this infinity in this lifetime you need to go to the deepest source within you.

This is were practices such as these are extremely useful. They prepare you and allow you to break out of the cycle that you are currently trapped in. Realize in your own experience that when you are in a cycle, you aren’t aware that you are in it and you can waste your entire life going round and round in it.
Sometimes you need a little zap to awaken you from your current trajectory, and learning to open up your Chakras can definitely transform your understanding and start giving you a clearer picture of what you might be taking for granted.

You have an energy body and it needs to be flowing because that’s what energy does. When this energy gets stagnant, it creates blockages which can lead to all sorts of physical manifestations of disease within the body and this also clouds our perceptions. The spine is a channel connected by Chakras that communicate and inform each other. Think of this, when your Sacral Chakra (Sexual Center) is receiving information from the Crown and Third-Eye Chakra which are linked with higher dimensions, then the way you fulfill your sexual needs will be from a much deeper place then if you are just operating from survival needs, like an animal. That’s just one example, but there are so many amazing possibilities for you to transform yourself and your life when everything is running at optimal capacity.

“7 chakras symbols” ( by @John3

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