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Questioning Meditation

Asking questions that cannot be answered intellectually, is a powerful technique to get a brief separation from the mind, allowing the observer a glimpse of the beyond.

Getting Started:

Item Needed

All that is needed for this meditation is just a few questions or even just one as will be used in the guided audio provided below.
As always, find a space that allows you some quiet or at least where nobody will disturb you. If there is chaos at home, drive to an empty parking. There is always options if you are willing.


Get comfortable and preferably in a meditative posture.
Follow the steps below or listen to the guided audio.

Guided Questioning Meditation Audio

Step One

As usual, in all meditation techniques we will begin by connecting to the present moment because this is where life is and where Who You Are resides. There is only the present in reality obviously, but your attention is most likely never there, and this is why you are anxious, worried, stressed, and suffer unnecessarily things that aren’t even real.

Lets start by zoning in on all the sensations that you feel in this current moment. Allow anything to come into your experience without needing to identify or control it. Thoughts will continue to come and try to take you away, just be aware of them and continue to experience all the sensations that are there for you. If for some reason thoughts are strong, focus your attention on breathing. You cant will yourself to stop thoughts, as they are happenings not controlled by you, so if that is your strategy you will lose.

There is no achievements here, no place to get to, all that we are doing is just allowing as much of life to come into our experience in this very moment. Once you feel like you have been able to get a deeper connection, follow the next steps below.

But if you are caught up thinking of what is this connection you speak of? Am I doing it right? What should I feel? Help?
This is a trick of the mind, and it does this because it wants control. Forget it. Your experience that you are having is valid, you don’t need to refer to others if it’s right.

Meditation is observing all that is from your direct experience and this isn’t a one time thing, it takes time to develop clarity in this realm, so practice often.

Step Two

In order to start your investigation, you have to get out of your mind, and you can do this by asking it questions that it cannot answer logically. It will try to answer them, but it will not produce concrete answers, and thus, it will create an opening—a vacuum—for real truth to fill.

The main questions that I use when I am trying to separate from my mind’s hold on me are as follows:


The point of these questions is not for your mind to come up with answers. We are not interested in that. The point is for you to start experiencing what goes on when your mind is not in control. Your attention can now be on the sensations that occur inside and outside of your body; this is what you are looking for.
It is really important to be able to start being aware of the difference between your mind’s thoughts and your body’s sensations when your mind has your full attention, and when you can separate from it and shift the attention to other areas. Awareness is a skill that can grow, so don’t get discouraged when you get captured in your thoughts; this will happen constantly.

Directly taken from my book – Be Human, Not a Zombie: A Guide to Finding Your Fundamental Nature p32.

Step Three

In this meditation, we will focus on the question, Who Am I?

So lets start by saying this out loud to ourselves and seeing what comes up for us. So say it to yourself, Who Am I? and just observe….

Give yourself sometime with this question. If the mind is active, ask again – Who Am I?

Is the mind trying to tell you somethings about who you might be? Like a mother, a teacher, an athlete, a Muslim, a Christian, a CEO, a musician, a human, a space giraffe, etc. This is all okay, but don’t take the bait. Continue to let go of any ideas about who you might be, and just observe as much of the happenings in this present moment without fixating on some mind answer. This experience of Who You Are, is something that cannot be talked about, cannot be given to you, cannot be understood logically, cannot be any addition, its a direct experience, and only if there is total surrender, will it ever be a possibility for you in this lifetime.

Another trap you have to watch out for here, is this belief that you are a soul or some spiritual being, this is the last defense. Many people cite this notion as if they have touched this soul that they are. No, this is an idea that you hold, that must be dropped as well. Perhaps you are a soul or a spiritual being, but this practice needs total honesty, and if you are honest, you have to admit that you have no clue what you really are, and what was just picked up from society, so clinging to some ideology is not going to help anything.

This is not a one time thing either, you genuinely need to live and breath this question, and sincerely want to know this Truth, to really penetrate your beliefs and your baseline view from where you are currently operating from, which is mostly stuck in the mind. Much of society is trapped here, and the only reason I know this is the case, is that I was there too and never even fathomed that there was something else out there.

If you want to know about god continue to read your sacred books, if you want to know god, this is one of the ways.


This practice most likely will not make you a millionaire, get you a PHD, or help you in the stock market, nor will it find you your soul mate, it might help give you clarity in those endeavors, but this is way beyond that. If you are still too consumed in the material world then you shouldn’t bother even starting because this is no half ass type thing. It’s either you are in, or you are not.

If you are not, this is not a bad thing, just continue on your current journey.

In order to be ready for these type of practices, you need to get to the point in life where you are feed up chasing things, and have realized that whatever you chase in this life, it will not, and cannot, ever fully satisfy you because you will once again seek other things to chase until the end of your life. This is the workings of the mind if you haven’t noticed this yet for yourself.

If you are feed up, then this practice can do wonders. It can help you to find YOURSELF and even though this isn’t worth a monetary value, it is invaluable! It is life changing, and will truly allow you to touch what you seek, your True Nature. This will then be reflected into physical life, which not only helps bring higher consciousness to the community, it allows for deeper connections with others, and the creation of a more inclusive world.

From this place of connection to Who You Truly Are, the perception on life becomes the most clear, and all aspects of your life get transformed with this new found energy. You become a channel for consciousness to help guide you in whatever endeavors you are drawn to.

If you are a scientist, you create better science. If you are an educator, you find ways to transmit the teaching in unique ways that are only possible through your being. Whatever your gifts are; music, art, dance, you use them in the most beautiful ways because you aren’t anymore a copycat, like much of the world is today. You allow life to help you fully flower, which is what you are here for anyways.

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