Alternate Nostril Breathing

A simple breathing technique that helps create balance in the system.

Getting Started:

Familiarize yourself with each step of the technique.

Move from each step with awareness and a smoothness.

Focus on keeping the inhalation and exhalation uniform and just using one side of the nose at a time.

My Practice
5/10 cycles – 2/5 min
(1 cycle = inhale left, exhale right, inhale right, exhale left)

Hand Positioning + Breathing


Breathing is a crucial part to staying alive as you can probably tell already in your life and yes, the body does this in autopilot for the most part, but we as humans also have the ability to breath voluntarily. This is a great ability we have been given, yet many people don’t take advantage of learning to use the breath to become more deeply connected to life and better regulate the system.

Alternate Nostril Breathing is a great practice to align the two sides. We have a right and left side and they go out of balance, so learning to restore equilibrium within and creating better conditions for this human to thrive and not just live from the baseline might be a smart thing to look into for yourself.

Doing this practice daily can have great impacts on your life especially when done with intention and awareness. The breath is a powerful weapon in your arsenal if you learn how to use it. It can be used to bring peace into your life even in the greatest of challenges.

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