Have you ever experienced a moment during however many years that you have so far lived, where life was just happening and not even to you? like a moment where there was such total involvement that the you disappeared and all there was, was this thing called, Life.

The primary view for the majority seems to be in a belief that one is living their life. As if whatever is happening, it is always happening to a you. Is this true though? Is “someone” living their life, is that even possible? If so, where is this someone located? Have you ever met them? Have you ever thought about this for yourself?

Perhaps, life is just something that is happening and maybe it’s not happening to anyone. Maybe people are a happening in life, just as clouds come and go from nowhere and how plants pop up in spring and dwindle down in the fall/winter. Perhaps the life that is happening to you is but just a story that your mind tells yourself and so does it to others.

I have spent many thousands of hours just observing what is true from my view. Why you might ask? It’s probably because I have realized that my own mind is a liar and that most people are like parrots. They just repeat over and over things that they have heard from somewhere else and they even start to believe it as if it was their own ideas. From all this observation of my own mind, I can tell you that the average person has very little unique ideas, this is because they never spend anytime is silence, they are repeating over and over and over again what the mind tells them. Guess where the mind picks up what it tells you though, its from all the other parrots.

So you might be asking then, what does this all have to do with life. Well, it’s relevant because what I’m trying to mirror to you is that much of your troubles are derived merely from that point where you have broken away from actual life, which is only what there is and you have told yourself over and over again that you are something separate from it. You aren’t living a life, life is happening and the fact that you don’t see that is why you are depressed, anxious, stressed, annoyed, etc.

I’m not trying to make you believe anything here so please don’t go and be a parrot to your self, or your family, or your friends, and make some new ideologies. If you take anything from this, please just take a moment and spot that most of the information running through your head from the beginning of this life that you are aware of, are things that people have told you, or you have heard on TV, or read somewhere, and that is the problem. See, so how can you ever get to the Truth when you mostly have never spent any significant time noticing that life is and you are just an idea that was implanted by others and now being repeated by your own mind.

We ordinarily like to think someone is crazy when they don’t take the narrative as the majority, but perhaps the crazy ones are the majority repeating to each other that they are the ones that are sane.

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