Sand Castle

Your life is a sand castle. It was built and it will collapse at some point. If you like the castle, you can fortify it to keep it up longer, but it’s made to be temporary, so it might be a good idea to build other things, and perhaps even spend some time not building … More Sand Castle


Why is revenge just an egoic way of trying to gain back false power? When you execute yourrevenge tactics on the person or persons who hurt you, sure, your mind will tell you that yougot even, but as you probably have noticed, your mind is a liar a lot of the time, and that isdefinitely … More Revenge

Common Narrative

Try to notice today in your own direct experience that society tries to get you to buy the common narrative, whatever that might be in the current moment. People especially love to convince others of their new adapted world view in order to justify to themselves that they are on some right track in life. … More Common Narrative

Life Value

Try to realize today in your own experience that all life is valuable. It is only foolish humans that inflate themselves as if human life has the most worth. Yes of course, a human is one of the most complex creatures out there, but because of this complexity, it can also get so disconnected from … More Life Value


Control is not a bad thing, nor is losing it. It’s great to experience both, actually. Yet, for many people they have a real hard time when they aren’t in control. They have become promised by their own mind that losing control is negative, and then they live in a fearful prison their mind has … More AHHHH! WEEEE!


Have you witnessed these debates? This is super prevalent in sports, but can be seen practically in every field. We humans love to take some side and give all kind of cherry picked statistics on why something or someone is the best. This can be a fun and engaging game to play sometimes, and for … More GOAT


Humans are forgetful. We especially don’t remember that it took years of training to establish some kind of mastery over the body and mind, and its never the end. Try to realize in your own experience that even the process of eating, which seems like it would be fairly easy to do, as it’s needed … More Malleable

Lettuce Learn

Over the last few years, I have been fortunate to spend a lot of my day hanging out and observing plants. This is because I am in charge of running a hydroponic setup at a university. By getting to be with these little plant creatures many hours a day, I get schooled. I also have … More Lettuce Learn