Powered by Dyslexia

Nationally Ranked Tennis Player (Canada) DII Tennis Scholarship Recipient Published Author Artist For most of my life especially my school years I had this weird feeling of not knowing why I couldn’t understand things that others did so simply.  I always wondered if I was some weirdo or just stupid, or in the best case … More Powered by Dyslexia

BE Weird its FUN

To quote the Joker – “Why so serious?” Being serious will keep you from enjoying life and that’s just a shame. Life is so playful but when you are serious, you become rigid and unwilling to play with life and therefore it doesn’t play with you back. Embracing your weirdness will get you back on … More BE Weird its FUN

Magic Magic everywhere – Too bad you can’t see it!

A person who doesn’t see magic isn’t alive fully.  This might be a bold claim you may think, but I assure you it’s the truth. The good news is that one can be revived quickly and no defibrillator is necessary. When a person becomes more and more rational, meaning they use logic (a mind process) … More Magic Magic everywhere – Too bad you can’t see it!