BE Weird its FUN

To quote the Joker – “Why so serious?”

Being serious will keep you from enjoying life and that’s just a shame.

Life is so playful but when you are serious, you become rigid and unwilling to play with life and therefore it doesn’t play with you back.

Embracing your weirdness will get you back on the right track.  Take a moment and notice your life for a moment and realize how weird you are or at least this avatar that you are embodying at the moment.

Observe your actions as well as other people’s from a distance (meaning don’t be so attached to your life) Just look at it from an ariel view you can say. This will give you the opportunity to see all the silly things humans do.

If you are able to do this for a moment here are some of the funny things you can notice:

-We are basically monkeys with a lot of extras
-We use drawings and shrieks to create languages, which then give us names and identities that we believe we are
-We make clothes from twigs and other material found and then sell them to each other and use it as a way to see who is the most beautiful
-Instead of swinging we build cars and planes to get to other areas in the jungle where we see different looking monkeys who as well have built and created similar things.
-We have meetings with other monkeys about all sorts of things
-We take items from the earth and we mix it in a pot and then call it food and build restaurants where lots of mixing and eating is done.
-We create drawings that we try to sell or trade with other monkeys or hang in our own nests that are made basically from mud and wood.
-We have competitions with other monkeys on who’s the best monkey in all sorts of areas
-We trade monkey services like haircuts, makeup, cleaning, etc.
-We take smaller creatures and bribe them with food into liking us.
-We forget how ridiculous we are and become so serious that all the following above is forgotten.

So you see when you look at life from different views such as this one here, life quickly becomes less serious.  Your monkey job, and nest, and movement mobile don’t really become so important anymore.  It’s really cool that you can get sucked into your life, but if you never are able to step away for a brief moment you will not appreciate how fun and how weird life it really is. It’s just a big game that can be played in all sorts of ways and this is the one that is currently being experienced.

Continue to do your thing and be a weird monkey in whatever way is fun for you.  So even if you are playing this serious monkey game, that is okay too, but don’t get so caught up that you again forget that this is the case.


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