Programmed (Zombie Mode)

Have you realized yet that many things that you do in your life are done automatically, without almost non of your attention? This is called a Program and many of these type of programs are implemented onto you throughout your life, some you add yourself, but many are downloaded during your development which you aren’t even aware that they are there.

The tricky business is that when you are operating from a programmed state (zombie mode as I call it) most of your attention is in your mind processes (thinking about the future or past) while your program runs you in the current moment.

This is a useful feature that seems to come standard with every human model, but the issue is that when you aren’t aware of the programs that your operating, and when you are operating them, then it seems quite useless to have this ability don’t you think?

Once you can be aware that programs are a real thing and actually see one running you, it becomes a tremendous opportunity for growth for you!  This is because you finally are able to see something that before was hidden to you and since you can see it, you can then start to reprogram it.

Awareness is the major key here.  Think of a prisoner getting away in a car in the dark.  If there are no lights shined on him or her, then they have a really good chance of escape.  If on the other hand there is a helicopter shining a beam of light on the prisoner’s car, then they are much easier to spot and become captured, right?  Well the light is your awareness and the prisoner is your program.  Shine your awareness on a program and keep doing this every time you can notice that program, and then there is a very good chance it will not continue to run you.

Being fully present in the moment is the best way to combat programs because when you are present your attention is in current moment, and in the current moment you have the most power over your life.

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