Sand Castle

Your life is a sand castle. It was built and it will collapse at some point. If you like the castle, you can fortify it to keep it up longer, but it’s made to be temporary, so it might be a good idea to build other things, and perhaps even spend some time not building … More Sand Castle


Why is revenge just an egoic way of trying to gain back false power? When you execute yourrevenge tactics on the person or persons who hurt you, sure, your mind will tell you that yougot even, but as you probably have noticed, your mind is a liar a lot of the time, and that isdefinitely … More Revenge

Common Narrative

Try to notice today in your own direct experience that society tries to get you to buy the common narrative, whatever that might be in the current moment. People especially love to convince others of their new adapted world view in order to justify to themselves that they are on some right track in life. … More Common Narrative


Humans are forgetful. We especially don’t remember that it took years of training to establish some kind of mastery over the body and mind, and its never the end. Try to realize in your own experience that even the process of eating, which seems like it would be fairly easy to do, as it’s needed … More Malleable

True Freedom

“the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint” Google – Freedom Definition Is this the case in our world today? Hell no! You can’t even say your opposing stance on something without facing all sorts of rock throwers. Especially today, many experts in their fields don’t speak … More True Freedom


As this is a happening for every life form, it is interesting to observe this phenomenon within you and around you. The cool thing with physical life is that it’s a duality and with that, it gives us the ability to not only shine awareness on our life, but also the lives of others. This … More Aging


Disclaimer:This might be a hard topic for many to read about and I’m not by any means taking this lightly and just writing about this without realizing that every second someone decides to do harm to the body. If you are one of these people who are struggling or know someone that is dealing with … More LOST LIFE