Life is a Game with No Point

Have you realized yet that there is No Point to anything?

Life is just an adventure that goes nowhere and there is no point to any of it.

We believe there is a point to get to because as mind dominated humans, we have placed many additions on top of life (this is the trick of the mind) and now we go about doing things as if there is some reason for it or some place to get to.  The reason is a mind tactic, in actual reality, there is no reason for anything. Life is Pointless.

Question things deeply and all this will be revealed to You.

If this is realized, it might seem a bit depressing news to you at first since when experiencing this realization that there is No Point to anything in actual direct experience, You might start asking yourself the next question which is… then why continue to struggle and suffer through life then?

Well yes, that is a good question to ask of yourself, and when you contemplate this question for long enough, you will finally get to the stage where you realize that suffering is not needed and that it too is a mind created thing and not the truth.

Just because you see that there is No Point to life, doesn’t mean that you will now just become a couch potato.  Actually, if you do enough work and get a deep realization of this simple truth, you will finally be free to live fully for the first time and enjoy life as the game that it is.

Many people are simply struggling because they have lost touch of the truth and are now deluded by their mind that life is some serious rigid thing that is always unfair to them.

Wake up from the sleep of the mind and press the play button cause life is a game and there is no point to it, just to play.

Game of Life -

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