Darkness Inside

Have you realized yet that there is a darkness that lives inside you and that you and the majority of the world are scared to face it? Have you ever questioned why are you so scared to think certain thoughts and feel certain things?

This darkness is the mind’s power over you and it is what is keeping you from feeling peace in life. Of course it is because if you are shit scare to face it how can you ever have peace? It will always be brought up and you will always run away. This darkness will always be there until you consciously go into it yourself and shine light on it.

This darkness is all the denials, all the lies, all the times you have splintered away from authenticity in anyway. It is never forgotten and just because you ignore it, pretend it isn’t there, or are oblivious to the fact, well it still is.

This is why consciousness work is so difficult, you are becoming more aware of Truth and when you were living in delusion for most of your life, well you can see then that isn’t so easy to take. This also means that when you start shining light on this darkness and get passed your small fears, there will eventually be truths that will be revealed that are very very deep and that will threaten your ego’s very existence.

So you see, maybe 10% of the population will decide to take on such a journey, and those 10% will possibly find peace if they are serious and dedicated. The other 90% will continue to keep fragmenting reality and by doing so will continue to create more darkness and delusions within leaving their life in a constant state of turmoil.

If you are lucky you will be on this path just because you value ultimate Truth, but these type of people are far and few and mostly because our world is based on lies and you are so deeply buried in them that firstly, you don’t know that this is the case, and secondly, it’s hard to even know how to begin to get out.

There is another way to start this journey and it’s by suffering, usually a nice heap of it. This is how I got on board because I definitely wasn’t in the few that were smart enough to see past the veil of deception (Maya).
Suffering is a great help and even though it sucks a shit ton while you are in the midst of it, it is truly a blessing at the end if it can break you open enough for Truth to be revealed.

If you are on this journey already good luck and keep focused and if you are not that is okay too. You might need to continue to immerse yourself in objective reality before you are ready to go deeper within.

If you need a starting point check out my book:
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