Your NAME is a limit

When you are a you, you can only be that you and deny yourself the possibility to be Infinite.

Let’s look at it like this.
Take your name (Insert here and where ever John is written)
I will use the name John for this example.

If I identify as John, then that means that I cannot be all the other infinite possibilities that are available before that name was picked. So, since I am John, I am not Paul, Greg, Julie, Rebecca, or any other thing that was possible when I was no name.

Basically, when you identify with a form, you become limited, when you start dropping all forms you become infinite.

Nothing has the possibility to be anything, something can only be what it is defined as.

What does this mean for growth for you?
It means that if you can start shining awareness on what you identify with, it will give you the ability to notice what is limiting you from touching the possibility of Nothing. Nothing isn’t bad it’s the pure space where anything is possible.

Only the mind clings to some identity like it’s the real you, you can still be your name but only be it when it’s needed, otherwise see if it’s possible for you to be a Nothing. From there you allow the limitless to show you it’s power.

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