Going in Circles (You are LOOPY)

Try to notice today in your own experience that the nature of the physical world is cyclical. This means that if your attention is always being kept in the mind, you will just be going in circles all your life. The same sort of experiences will be always coming your way because you don’t realize that you are in a loop. Of course, they will all seem different to you, but in truth you are just going round and round and don’t even know it.

There is nothing new about your mind, it just recycles everything. If you want to break out of these cycles, you have to be able to touch a deeper dimension of yourself which resides outside of the mind.

If you want to see something new, you must drop your mind. All the additions that you bring to every aspect of life, well they all must be dropped or else you are just going on vacation in your own home that you need a vacation from.

Just try to sit down and observe the workings of your mind for once. If this is done with alertness, you will quickly see that you are a prisoner. You are not allowed to experience the totality of life because your mind has built a fortress with so many deceptions and shiny things that you are so distracted to see the truth.

Please don’t believe me though, actually do the work to see this for yourself.

If you live this way, life ultimately will feel like a drag to you because everything is dead when you live stuck in the mind.

One way to start to see this cyclical nature of your mind first hand, is make a conscious effort to just observe from a distance the way you take each moment on without prejudice. When you turn on the awareness flashlight onto yourself you will see that you live with so many limitations. Your mind has created a certain character that you think that you are and it keeps you living from that limited point of view for as long as you do not notice. It keeps you busy chasing, collecting, acquiring, wanting things, because when you are stuck in those processes you wont have time to even look from a deeper view what is really going on.

The closer you come to truth, the more the world will become new to you. New experiences will open themselves to you because you no longer will just be stuck in a certain pattern, you will just be able to take an experience without bringing all your gatherings to it.

Life is fresh, you are not. Instead of being a possibility of life, you have become so molded, rigid, rotten, dead, that all the magic has been stripped away and you are just a yoyo going up and down for no reason.

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