Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Lies keep you alive, Truth kills you. Which one will you choose?

Try to notice today in your own experience that in order for you to be even here in the first place, the ultimate lie has to be told to you, and that is that there is even a you that is separate from everything else.

This is a fun game that we all like to play and that is that we are separate from the total.  Its all fine to be totally immersed in this separate game, but if you don’t know that its just that, a game! And you believe that this separate you that you are operating from is the True You, then it will cause a lot of turmoil and delude you in so many ways.

I’ve spent most of my life believing that this was the case and it caused me a lot of suffering, so much in fact, that the suffering is what finally led me to seek absolute Truth, and that’s when I had my shift. Okay, Well, maybe not so fast, it was after a shit ton of meditating, yoga-ing, and questioning what it was that I actually am (The realization that the i that I believed i was, was nothing but a false notion)

Nobody can convince you of this either. This is something that happens when you are ready to stop resisting, stop lying to yourself, stop blaming the world, stop praying to God to make your life better, stop trying to be a good person-whatever that means. This is what happens when you are ready for Truth to break through to the core and kill you-the false you- obviously that is.

Are you ready for that? I think not.  This is not half-assed either.  Its either you are ready or you are not.  Otherwise it will be this sort of diet type new years resolution project people start and drop.  This doesn’t work that way.  You make the jump or you don’t. Fear will try to stop you, but if you are truly ready then it wont work this time, because fear is just the false i “protecting you” from “danger”.

Once this shift is had in your direct experience, its transforms everything, obviously because the way life was being seen was from a needy i that thought it never had enough, when in fact it was in actuality infinity and needed nothing.  Well, let’s be clear, this human does need some stuff, but its definitely not all the stuff that the separate i makes you believe it does.

Just so you know, most people spend their entire life chasing things, not Truth. But things are temporary, and Truth is always. So you choose, but while that is happening, ask yourself who is this chooser, because the answer might surprise you.

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