Over the last several years i have been participating in arts and craft type shows. Now, its mostly with Be Human, Not a Zombie paraphernalia, but previously, it was with all the random creations that have come through me, whether its detailed pencil and ink doodle creatures, 3D glass artwork, thread art, etc.

During these times I’ve had countless interactions with people where they would say, “I wish I was creative”, or “you’re so creative, and I can’t do that”. Sure, perhaps I’m more drawn to creative expression, but it’s a dimension anyone has access to if they are willing to drop their analytics aside for a second.

Creativity is energy and if you allow that energy to run through this body and mind without any restrictions, it will use this human in however you are open and drawn to.

The thing is, most people are too serious, are controlling life, and are just users. From this state, energy does not flow so strong anymore in them, and hence the urge to let this energy take this human and play with its capabilities are practically nonexistent.  If a plant doesn’t have the necessary energy to survive, it will not flower. Flowering is an excess of energy radiating out of the plant.  Most people are so cut off from source energy, they only have the ability to survive, not thrive, and from there, a meager existence is felt. This is a zombie, a person who is no longer connected to their depth, or True self.

There is a way out if this if this is how you feel right now, so don’t despair. It will take some work, but if you are ready, perhaps picking up my book could be a good start to get something within slightly radiating, and once again throbbing to LiVE and CrEAte.

You are capable of this because you are life, just got lost a little for a brief moment.

You have direct access, just go into the unknown, willingly. Allow life and you to merge, and the doorway will be open to something spectacular. It will find creative expression through your unique human abilities and interests, and it will create flowers of all kinds. These flowers will not be fake, because not even you know how wonderful they will come out. And guess what? The world needs the creativity that runs through you. We all want to see Ourselves, through You.

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