Not Meditating Yet? Don’t be Stupid!

If you haven’t added a meditation practice to your life yet, you are wasting your capabilities to mastering yourself and living a much more fulfilling life. I was like you once upon a time, but then enough of my own suffering finally kicked me in the ass and I decided to start.

At first I had no clue what I was doing, and after many struggling attempts it eventually clicked, and I realize what the hell this was all about!

Meditation is one of the most powerful practices to seeing life more fundamentally, yet it’s underutilized because most people are stuck in society’s spell of being consumed by their  own minds fiction.  The trouble with this is also that it is very difficult to communicate to a person living in a low conscious state that they are living in a low conscious state.

Unless you notice that your mind is delusional, and you gain enough awareness to see it through first hand experience, you won’t believe that meditation is worth your time. Many people believe that the world is the enemy and they are being caused to suffer from outer sources, not through their own doing.

Meditation is the practice of observing what is going on in life at the current moment without being sucked into your own mind games.  You for once in your life step away from your own bullshit and see things more real.

Mind Trapped -

a depiction of what is happening to you and most of the world on a regular basis

There is not much to meditation, it’s free and can be done anywhere, but your mind will not allow this unless you really make an effort.

You go to school to learn all types of crap, yet you spend no time learning how this crazy sophisticated humanoid works.  Isn’t this so backwards?

Doesn’t it just make sense to start learning how you work?  Well the good news is that it’s never too late to level up and start living from a higher view.  If you do this, you will realize things that you would never believe that were possible, as beliefs are your minds creations as well.

Eventually I will create a super simple meditation practice tutorial, but for now here is a video I created on meditation and why it might be a smart idea:

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