Dumb Human Xperiment

Have you noticed yet that you are being Experimented on?

If you are living like the majority of society, then your a test dummy for a lot of corporations. What I mean with this is that many people on the planet today aren’t highly conscious beings and therefore the companies that some of these individuals run are being operated from that same state. Basically meaning that they care very little of your well-being, the well-being of the planet and usually even their own well being.

Hold on though, before you start pointing fingers and accusing people of being evil, poisoning you, and trying to destroy the planet, take a deep breathe and get conscious yourself. This post isn’t about spreading hate on these unconscious people and companies, its to get you to realize that people operate from all levels of consciousness and unfortunately in our society primarily it’s a low level.

Most individuals in our life today (including probably you) have never spent any substantial time observing how they and the world functions outside of their beliefs and therefore they remain in these low levels of consciousness.

Notice that many companies that create products or services aren’t testing on themselves, they test it on you and wait for the results.  Sometimes the results aren’t instant and nothing seems to be going wrong, but other times a lot does and then it’s kinda too late.

This is why it’s so important to be your own test dummy and not just give your life in other’s hands or your just going to be a dumb human letting other people experiment on you.

Start giving a shit about your life and don’t just assume that other people know more on how to live this life then you.  Look within, it’s all there available for you, you just need to spend some significant time looking.


Here is a little graphic I created to show you how your being dumbed down when you don’t put in an effort of raising your consciousness

dhe - BeHumanNotaZombie.comdhe 2 - BeHumanNotaZombie.com3- Xperiment Findingsdhe 3 - BeHumanNotaZombie.comdhe 4 - BeHumanNotaZombie.comdhe 5 - BeHumanNotaZombie.comdhe 6 - BeHumanNotaZombie.comdhe 7 - BeHumanNotaZombie.com

same graphics in pdf: dh Xperiment

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