Solo Meditation Retreat

While it’s nice to go on a get-away with friends or family, it could be even nicer and more beneficial to your growth as a multidimensional being if you do it alone.

Many people hate being alone, but there is a time to be with others and a time to be alone. Being alone doesn’t mean you have no friends or you shut out the world, it means that you take the time to decipher who you are from a deeper level and therefore you connect to others and the world more authentically. If you are always with others, especially in our society today, you aren’t really your true self because the judgments and expectations of them doesn’t allow you to be + your just basically too distracted.

When you actually make a conscious effort to be on your own, you are basically saying that I am ready to face myself no matter how it feels and the obstacles that are in the way. When there are no distractions for your mind to use against you, you start seeing what it has been doing to you and how it has been keeping you trapped in a prison cell of it’s own creation.

Our mind is a very powerful tool, but if you have never spent anytime figuring out how it functions, it will fool you in all sorts of ways. Don’t just assume that because your not a mind scientist that you can’t learn how it works. This definitely is possible, but it will take an effort and it’s frustrating, confusing, and complicated at times, but at other times its rewarding, beautiful, and one of the most powerful experiences that you can have into finding out who you are outside of it’s trickery.

By doing a solo meditation retreat I am not saying you have to go far away to a cave somewhere and not enjoy yourself, you can actually enjoy yourself quite a lot! and the place that you do it at doesn’t even have to be far away. The whole point of doing this retreat is to be able to just be there without distractions and with a bit of a purpose.

Planning a Solo Meditation Retreat:

There are many places that set this whole thing up for you, but those get quite expensive and aren’t really necessary. My whole 4 day Solo Meditation Retreat cost about $500.  This included the site I booked, food, gas, and some of the equipment.

I did a camping retreat at a provincial park 2 and a half hours away from me because that was the most cost efficient and because it really gets you into nature and on your own.  You can do a cottage or rent a place somewhere in a secluded area but the price will be a lot higher with those.

The more simple the better.

Here are some images from my Solo Meditation Retreat

dunes panorama - BeHumanNotaZombie.comPanorama of the dunes

camp site -

My campsite

dunes tracks -

The dunes

Nature selfie -

Selfie with Nature

Sunrise -


Sunset -


washrooms -

Washrooms with showers (just in case you didn’t think those existed at a campsite)

yoga -

Yoga in the woods



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