Gratitude is a Super Power, Use it Often!

I’m sure you’ve read, been told, or heard about how being grateful about your life is a good practice. I used to hear this a lot and unfortunately it usually meant very little to me, as my mind would just continue to tell me that I don’t have this or that so what is the point to be grateful.

After contemplating and observing what’s the deal with gratitude myself, I was shown that it has a huge impact on how you perceive the world. When you operate from a high vibrational state, such as through gratitude, the world becomes illuminated with energy, leaving you with a more alive experience of life. Things become more real for you, as you start living more in reality rather then in your mind.

When you operate from a wanting/lack vibrational state, the mind keeps you trapped in a low vibration and the world seems quite dead. You are made to believe by your mind that you are being treated unfairly and you start comparing yourself to other’s who seem to have more. This state can really grab a hold of you and it can keep you stuck as a prisoner of your mind’s creation for quite a while. The dangerous part is that from this low vibrational state you can make some very unconscious decisions that impact you and the world around you.

It’s obviously okay to want things, but it’s important to be vigilant on how your mind tries to trap you with those wants.  Create the intention that you want the universe to manifest for you, but then return back to a higher vibration of being grateful for your present situation.

A good practice is to try to start being aware of anytime you are trapped in your mind stories on how your life isn’t how you want it and during that time using gratitude to help you snap out of that state.



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