Waiting – Trapped in Time

One of the biggest lessons I learned in my life from self-mastery work has been to stop waiting for things, people, situations, etc.  Since time dominates our world, we are put in frequent scenarios where we are asked to wait for something.

Some examples of this waiting I am talking about are:

Waiting for a street light to turn green, waiting in a line at a grocery store, waiting for a friend to come meet us, waiting for a meeting, waiting for time to hit a certain hour, and the list just goes on…

As you can recollect in your own life waiting is a constant that keeps showing up for you, and if you are like most people who are trapped in the mind then this waiting takes you over, keeps you unconscious, and sometimes causes you to act like a real a-hole.

If you look at waiting from another perspective – it becomes quite ridiculous on how annoyed and frustrated that we get for having free time. Waiting is basically just extra time that we have if we figure out how to use it, rather then it use us.

So why is waiting so uncomfortable for most?

It is because your mind takes you over and makes you believe that your time is being wasted.  When reality isn’t going your way, your mind tells you that this isn’t fair and right and it traps you in time, making you suffer because you want the thing that you planned to be here now.

When you start figuring out that the mind creates your own suffering, and waiting is one way it does that, you then stop blaming the world and just use the waiting as an extra opportunity to be present in the moment.



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