Law of Impermanence (RIP)

Have you noticed that the physical world is full of limitations and laws?

Many people seem to be aware that this is the case, but they never put any effort into understanding them and even worse they try to go beyond them within the physical, which is impossible. (physical means limits)

One of these laws is The Law of Impermanence.  If you familiarize yourself with this Universal Law, you will quickly understand that nothing is permanent and that includes even your body.

You need to really spend a lot of time contemplating this law to get the full understanding of what this means and it’s usefulness to you.

Many people are so caught up in their mind created fantasies that they get trapped in the illusion that things can be kept and therefore they continuously search for happiness in the temporary.  Once you can learn to use the laws that govern the universe, such as The Law of Impermanence, then the physical world can be quite fun, but as long as you continue to try to escape limitations through physical means, your time on this planet will be full of suffering, which will be mostly all created by your mind.

The average person is consumed by things, and those things keep a lot of power over you (Your car, your house, your phone, your bicycle, etc.) Way back in the day, you had some twigs, rocks, and maybe some leaves, but now we have all sorts of things and they even get added to our identity, which means giving them up will be a real fight.

When you can actually be able to use something when needed, but then also be able to let it go without making a big deal about it, you will be able to have a much easier time living your life especially when it’s time to give up the biggest attachment of all, your body.


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