Warning! you will Die, but don’t fear Death.

Have you noticed that in our world death is regarded as the worst possible thing that can happen to someone, especially you? You might get triggered here and be like, yeah of course it is! If so, why do you believe that this is the case and have you ever questioned if this was the truth? I mean stepped outside of the collective mind patterns on what society perceives death to be and really contemplated it for yourself.

Most people just see other people dying and right away their mind makes them believe as if death is dreadful.

The question I ask of you… is how do you know? Is it because people have told you this? Is it because it scares you? Is it because you created a grimm fantasy of what it will be like? Is it because all the things that your attached to will be taken away?

If you just live like the common person in society, then chances are that your living your life faced outward just seeing the physical world and from that stand point death will look quite frightening.  I know this because I lived like that for many years of my life and it was the same way for me.

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The good news is that there is another way to view death and it is outside of your mind created self, outside of duality, and from that view point death is quite fascinating.

The biggest struggle with death is the “YOU”, the mind has made a false you, and that belief that a you exists is the whole dilemma.  If you would just get back to the fundamental truth of who/what you are, then you will notice that death is just a play of life and it doesn’t end your life, but is just one aspect of the totality of it.

If you want to go beyond life and death, then you need to start looking deeper, start turning inward and finally figuring out that the physical world is temporary and your mind has created a temporary entity of you as well.  The physical world is not the totality of life, it is just one aspect of it.  This can all be experienced, but it all depends on how deep you are willing to dig, and how open you are to the truth.



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