Duality – it’s a Mind Thing

Are you even aware that duality exists?

This might sound silly to ask such a question in this day and age, but many people still live primarily all their life in make believe, so it’s totally possible that they haven’t even observed that the physical world is dual.

By duality, I mean that everything is broken up into two parts by the mind.  It cannot be any other way or else the physical world would not exist.  Things such as life and death, good and bad, happy and sad, self and other, all are aspects of the same thing.  This can be seen if you take the time to observe life from outside of the mind.

This could be a super powerful realization for you to have, but it must be experienced and not just thought up, because knowing it through conceptualizations won’t do much as that’s how you know it now.

When you start touching unity (detaching from your mind self), you finally start seeing that most people, including you get deluded by their mind into thinking that somehow they can escape the other aspect of what they are seeking.  Duality cannot be escaped when trapped in the mind, and if you continue to seek just the one aspect, you will suffer every time when the thing that you have been seeking transforms into it’s other half.

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The key is to start accepting that the physical world is indeed dual and only then the mind will not be able to continually fool you, that if you go towards one side of the coin you somehow will be able to avoid the other.  I am not saying to give up playing this game of teeter totter either, I am just saying be aware that you are playing this game and it will always be this way when you are living from the mind self.

One must truly spend a good amount of time contemplating this subject and learning to dis-identify from the mind realm to get this, or otherwise you will just know it intellectually and that is still a mind thing.

If this is something that you would like to pursue, then a meditation practice is vital.  You don’t have to become a mystical yogi that lives in the woods, just 5 minutes a day to start will get you moving in the right direction.  When unity is experienced directly, the way you view the world will change drastically, because no longer will you see fragments everywhere as are seen through the mind.







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