(TEACHING) Unlocking Infinite Potential

Imagine a world where teachers are given the ability to be guides to new beings that entered this realm? Not imposing their and society’s beliefs, ideologies, knowledge, etc, but instead cultivating a space of truth, openness, authenticity, and the sharing of intelligence and love no matter what being chooses to enter.

Each (teacher) can share something of importance to other beings in their own creative and unique way, but it can only be done when they are allowed to connect to truth which lies beyond themselves. Unfortunately in our world today, teachers are forced to be mechanical and from there not only do they become zombies (consumed by their mind) themselves, but they breed other mini zombies and that is not good for anyone.

A human is a super sophisticated technology, programming it isn’t very difficult, it’s making sure that the programming allows the human the ability to become the most total being possible, as from there the possibilities for that being to contribute to this world becomes infinitely great.

So it is our responsibility then as experienced humans to help teach new humans how to navigate in this place, but at the same time not impose limitations that imprison the young and restrict their ability to challenge our limitations that we have been enslaved to by our minds and have been blinded by.

When teachers will be given the freedom to teach from this type of space, the world will start to see what infinity is capable of creating. We will then be teaching and being taught at the same time and that’s just a win for everyone.

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