Family, or just as well could be RANDOMS

How well do you know your family? The people you call your parents, your sister, your brother, etc?

Try to notice in your own experience that typically most people probably including you, don’t know much even about their family.  Sure, there are the memories from past experiences, your exchanges about day to day life, and the activities performed together, but even in all that you are still not open totally because of fear.

We create these walls of safety and even with the so-called people we love and cherish the most, still these barriers aren’t removed.  So why the hell do you love these people more than others? When even with them we cannot be totally open and share anything. They mind as well just be RANDOMS.

Have you ever questioned this?!!

Why is it that even with your own family you are not totally open? Able to be absolutely 100 percent your truth with them at any moment, without needing to hide any side of you.

The answer is that we are very unconscious still as a species and live primary out of our egos and in family, it is much the same.  We are scared and live in a world full of lies and delusions.

We like to pretend that because we’re family it makes such a difference, but in many instances, you might as well be totally unrelated because being related makes no difference to the quality of the relationship.

Start working on revealing your truth from the lies that you live from and then slowly the walls will start being removed in all relationships, not just family ones.  Once you remove your walls, people in your surrounding will start dropping their’s as well if they are brave enough and you create a space for them to do so.

Btw, I am not saying that everyone is super closed off with their family, but even if you consider yourself as totally open with the people closest to you, even then there is some barriers and lies and it really makes no sense if these are the people that you care about the most.

The sooner you can be totally 100 percent truth, the deeper your connection to others will become.

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