you are in a TRANCE

Have you ever experienced for yourself yet that you are kept in a sort of trance by your mind without even being aware that this is so?

The mind is very sneaky and has thousands of clever tactics to keep you from realizing that this is the case and this is why it’s so hard for me, you, and others to spot this.  This trance-like state keeps you from seeing life from a Truthful manner because you are being lied to by your self, so of course, the way you will view other things will also be seen from a layer of falsehood.  You have a dirty lens and even further you are tricked by your self that it is clean.

Based on my own investigations, on average a person just seems to assume that the way life is being seen through their eyes is done so in Truth, but this is not reality, its a sort of trance-like state and it is very tricky to spot and even harder to break out of.  It takes total honesty on your part and a commitment to seek out ultimate Truth outside of your own secret agenda at any cost.  To be honest, one must be quite a nut job to do such a thing because it’s very radical, not a common endeavor, and it goes against your self.  

Why the hell would you even try this then?  Well, if you got a glimpse of what is on the other side then you would quickly realize that being tranced out is very limiting and only a disguise to a good life.  The real thing exists only when seen through Truth and it’s fabulous.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s also cool to play around in the land of falsehood for some time, but if you do, you can get lost real quick and eventually even being tricked into believing that you are living in actuality, when in fact, really you are living in a trance-like state very unaware that it is so.

Question your self, question your mind instead of being so concern on what is going on in the outer.  It will get uncomfortable and that’s what’s needed to make changes and eventually get to the Truth.

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