Living in a spontaneous fashion is the most real way to live life.

Although for many, life is mostly being experienced through calculation and planning.  When the majority of your attention is occupied by the mind, spontaneity gets overthrown and a more militant type of experience takes place.  The mind wants this experience and not that one and then a battle occurs within.

Isn’t it funny though that if we are really honest with ourselves, we would have to admit that we don’t really know why we are here and how anything is really happening, yet many of us spend copious amounts of time living in the future and past just fantasizing and deluding ourselves into believing as if we know what the outcome will or should be in the next moment.

Before a moment even comes we are already playing scenarios in epic proportions over and over again hoping that a certain outcome occurs and others don’t.  We envision a certain type of experience and usually, it doesn’t happen the way we want or even if it does, it isn’t really how we envisioned it in the first place and suffering still occurs.

I am by no means saying that having a vision isn’t useful and shouldn’t be used.  Actually,  I think having a vision is extremely important, but only if one is then again able to break out of the mind’s grip and live in spontaneity. Life flows, go with it.

Spontaneity: voluntary or undetermined action or movement

If you allow life to surprise you in as many moments as possible, great joy will start to be felt because you will no longer be caught up in expectations or boredom. Every moment will be new without being already lived in your head.

Set a vision, become a blank canvas, and allow the universe to take you on a most unusual ride.

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