This might be hard for many people to accept, but the truth is that ultimately you are alone in this life. It doesn’t matter how big your family is, how many GF’s and BF’s you have and how many friends you collect, because at the most fundamental level you are just one.

It is only when you realize that the only way to become whole is to accept and surrender to your aloneness. This must be done by going inward. In the outer, things will always be fragmented as that’s what physical life is, a fragmentation of the one true thing that exists.  You dont become whole by trying to collect all the pieces and put them together like a puzzle, you do it by realizing that there was only one piece that ever and continues to exist.

Loneliness is a mental thing that will keep you searching for the pieces until you die, aloneness is a transcendence of the fragmented world. Only there will you find a true merge with life, which is what you are ultimately searching within a partner, family, and friends.

On the physical it’s nice to have a companion, but you will be kidding yourself if through them you believe that you can touch something beyond physical limits. Enjoy the moment together, but realized that either one of you isn’t doing each other a service if you cling to one another. By doing so you are grasping to one piece of infinity and limiting yourself and them of touching something beyond.

When you realize that aloneness is what there truly is, it will first be hard to swallow because all your life, you have been living through a sort of lens which shows you that there is you and then that there are others.  It seems like there could be no other way and that this is obviously the case but once you put in a substantial amount of inner work to merge the pieces together though, then you will see that aloneness is all that there could ever be.

Aloneness isn’t something grim, it is actually very beautiful!

This is because all your life you have been mostly competing with “others” and when all there is, is You then you quickly find out that you only are competing with yourself, so you see that shit can be dropped real quick.  With just that simple understanding comes a lot of peace cause if it’s all one then you can be happy for everyone, you can also still play the game of trying to outfox others cause it can be fun, but you will be entering the game not from delusion, but just from a sort of place of play.

Realize that aloneness is a blessing and that when you actually have deep awakenings to its nature you will see why.  Just like with anything I write about, it must be experienced for yourself because otherwise, it’s just an idea or a belief and then it’s useless. Do the inner work it’s the only way to transcend the physical realm.

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