with LOVE

What I have noticed in our society is that since many people are run by their minds, even the
love that they hold for others is affected by their minds. True love is feeling the connection that
you and another being are ultimately one and not separate.

What seems to be happening on our planet today is people feel some feelings, and then once
those wear off, the mind comes in and takes over. It deludes us into thinking that love is felt
through the separate ego. You then only love people when they do stuff for you or it’s convenient
to you, and if your ego isn’t satisfied your “love” goes away. Notice in your relationships, if you are
constantly wanting the person you love to be a certain way, do things in a certain manner, dress
and look up to your standards. These are all egoic desires and having them satisfied will only please
you for a second, and your ego will quickly want your partner to fit your new standards.

Try to totally accept your partner for who they are, without changing them. The beauty is that
everyone is different and when you allow them to be them, and they allow you to be you, you
fully experience the beauty. Really try to work on connecting to your fundamental nature, so
your love can be intensified due to you again feeling that oneness with yourself, and then it is
reflected to others.

Be aware that although you might have true love for another, they may be captured by their
ego. Don’t judge them as bad. Just try to stay fully present and conscious to not feed their
zombie. Of course, if the person is too far turned and not ready to work on themselves, then
you might need to get out of the relationship. You will still love their true nature, but their
Zombie Mode might be too much.

Be Human, Not a Zombie: A Guide to Finding Your Fundamental Nature
by Pawel Wegrzyn – Page 90

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