What I see today in the world, is that most people are very caught up trying to fit into and defend some kind of identity.  Of course, it’s nice to be able to fit into a group and feel like you belong in this world, but if you spend most of your time in this temporary human experience trying to convince other humans of what you believe to be you most accurately, then you will be wasting your time.  This is because you aren’t some rigid thing that is one way, even you evolve and change all the time.

I would say it is more intelligent for you to realize who you are fundamentally, so that no matter the clothes that are overlaid on top, and the identity that is chosen at this time, the truth will remain as an experience for you always, and in turn give you the peace that you are searching for in outer means without even knowing that you are.

Your true identity is that you are boundless and thus it is very limiting to try to convince others that you are some way. Of course, if you intend to make some difference in society, then perhaps allocating some time to try to change other people’s rigid beliefs may help others and yourself to feel more accepted, but then you are again caught up playing a sort of game that you might forget that you are playing.

Everyone wants to be seen and feel represented, but if we try to do this with language and identities, then it’s going to become impossible to communicate because language is just a pointer anyways to something that lies beyond it.

Only an idiot believes that things are black and white, yes and no, male and female.  In between all dualities, lies an infinite spectrum that can be broken down forever, but if we get caught up in needing to convince the world that you are this and I am that, then you have missed the point that you are infinite and so are others. You will go on living in a temporary finite world trying to continue to convince others that you are infinite through finite means.

Break free from all identity on some level, and then the way you will view others will be from that same understanding.

I go by Pawel, not because I believe that is me, it’s just a name. I am beyond it.  Sure, I can change it to whatever else I feel like represents me more, but then I will just be playing with other finite labels. If you want to truly feel like yourself then you must become nothing, but try to communicate with someone on that level.

Remember that changing society is a very slow process, because your fighting against the masses and they typically take a lot of convincing to see something in a new way. If that is your life’s mission then enjoy the process as best you can and good luck on your journey.

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