Energy Gaining & Depleting

Try to notice today in your own experience that the majority of society helps feed your animalistic lower needs. Many things in our world are created to serve lower conscious desires and deplete your energy. This is not to hate on society, its just to open your eyes that many people are caught in this cycle, where all they are really doing is surviving. Is this true for you? Have you ever questioned this?

It is totally understandable if all your survival needs aren’t met, but when all you are doing is going round and round, then eventually the ride gets tiring and all you see is the same things with some different dressing. You cant ever be fulfilled this way in life because your being isn’t expanding, it’s your ego that is running the show and it keeps you trapped in its bubble of “safety” or better we name this a prison, cause you are trapped and fear is the mechanism that the mind uses to keep you there for as long as it can. But there is more, it not only keeps you trapped, it then also insults you for being too scared to break free and expand. Its like a double bind.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to play in the material world with all the fun little things that are out there to grab your attention, deplete your energy, and make your time on this planet more exciting. The problem is though, if you don’t see that this is what is happening then you are like a rag doll being flung all over the place and then wondering why you aren’t getting anywhere while you are being drained at the same time.

This human does need to have certain things met, so by all means don’t beat yourself up if you are enjoying the way you are currently living, but if you are seeking growth, truth, a deeper connection, then start to become aware of what you are doing on a daily basis.

The average person’s life consists of this cycle of gaining energy and then depleting it. This is true for you as well. Just take a look.

Energy gaining
-You sleep (probably not very well, but that’s another issue I’ll post about sometime in the future)
-You eat (same thing as above for many people, perhaps you are different)
-You exercise (this is counterintuitive, because it seems like you are just depleting energy here and you are to some extent, but you are also gaining from this)
-Connecting (Meditation, being exposed to the sun and the elements – you know the 5 that you are made up of, People – the ones that lift you up and allow you to be yourself, etc.)
-Creating (Art, Dance, Music, Writing, etc.) When linked with source and it’s coming through you.
-Then there is the stimulants, that many are addicts of because they lack their own energy due to the unconscious patterns they are trapped in. Stimulants seem to give you energy, but these are deceptive and way too overused, hence one of the factors of your sleeping issues.

Energy depleting
-Your excessive fighting with yourself and others (notice how much energy you use on a daily basis defending your identity, ideologies, beliefs, etc. Not to mention the amount of time you surf in the past and future.
-Sex/Masturbation (what did you think was happening here? btw this can be a way to connect deeper, but the average human is just extracting from their partner or Randoms, not merging with them to touch unity.
-Practically everything society created from lower desires to distract you and deplete your vitals.
-Work (most likely you aren’t doing the things that bring fulfilment to you or others, but just to be able to survive and support the unconscious habits and distractions you are stuck in.

Most humans are so unstable and out of shape that they can’t handle excess energy in their system and therefore they just go in this loop of gaining and depleting. The sad part is, is that many people never realize that this is going on and that there is a way to use energy to unlock deeper dimensions within you, which allows for truer perceptions of life. Obviously, this takes discipline, both physical and mental (I include emotions and feelings here too) and because the masses don’t do this and it’s not served to you on a plate or taught in school, you will probably never ever put any attention in this area until the collective finally gets to this point. If this is you, Good Luck! because this isn’t happening for a long long time, if ever.

If you are ready to embark on your own journey, then one of the first steps you can learn is to sit still. This will take not only great physical effort, but mental. Hence, Yoga. You use this discipline to strengthen your physical body to be able to be strong enough to sit with your spine erect so that you can be a vessel for large amounts of energy to be able to flow through you and open you up for the divine to once again flow through you.

If you want a guide to deeper understanding of yourself, checkout my book: Be Human, Not a Zombie: A Guide to Finding Your Fundamental Nature

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