Preying on women

This is for all the men out there who live controlled by their lower desires. This is not to demonize you or shame you, its just to help raise your awareness. You might have not even realized that this is happening and that’s why awareness is key. When you are gifted a vessel that allows you to dominate the world around you much more easily then others, especially women, it becomes of greater responsibility to learn how not to misuse it. Don’t take me wrong here and assume I’m saying women are weak or something. There are plenty of women who are stronger then men and I have seen this myself in my tennis experience. I am just saying that in general, men have a strength advantage and unfortunately there are way too many examples of this in our world today and from the beginning of time it seems.

When one is primarily operating from lower needs, this power dynamic is especially one of great importance because it is very easily abused, as all power is. If you are a man, notice your thinking, the patterns that you hold, your actions. Observing all these facets within you can help shine light on how your mind takes a hold over you and tries to create situations where you dominate over the more vulnerable.  Asking yourself questions like how do I view a person when I’m totally sucked into anger, or when I’m taken over by sexual desires can help you notice that your mind will vail the fact that they are a being and make it seem to you as they are just an object for your taking and using.

Try to realize that when you lose connection to who you truly are, which is Everything, your mind takes a strangle hold and creates an illusionary sense of self which is just of a little bitty worthless creature that has certain desires that need to be met. Some of those are stronger than others, such as sexual ones.  When those are intensified by society and the collective mind they can take over you and make especially the vulnerable, the prey.

Our entertainment is a great example of this because it’s fueled by lust and violence.  Porn-society’s outlet for sexual release is also the teacher of what sex is to children, and especially young men.  This is where they learn how to treat their partners because school for the most part is too scared to teach them this.  And parents are too uncomfortable to talk to their children because they just do as their parents did.

So you see, we shouldn’t be too surprised that still in society humans act more like animals than highly evolved beings. Animals usually don’t have a choice, we as humans do.

Notice that mainstream culture operates from lower desires as well. Mostly every company is trying to sell you shortcuts in some form or another.  For women they prey on your image because that’s the most powerful way to sell something to you. Women are made to believe that they need to look a certain way to be liked, taken seriously, or attract a partner.   Even in the work place, women wear high heels and short skirts because obviously its not about ideas or competence, but physicality.  Btw, I’m not saying you cannot wear those things as women, I’m saying you are made to believe that you need to in order to succeed because men have created the world in such a way where physical force dominates who succeeds and if that doesn’t work then you have to use your body in other ways to gain some control.

Btw, women aren’t immune to this behavior, even they prey on women. If you take any average workplace where the employees are primary women and there is a women in charge, you will see this same behavior in full effect. Instead of women learning from their own limiting experiences and empowering each other, they have been taken over by the same mind virus as men. They will demonize each other and usually behind the others back and gang up if there is a person in the group that is different then them. It’s quite remarkable how toxic most workplace environments are or even general group chats.

The point I’m trying to make here is that if we want to live in a different world, then we have to start to realize that on the individual level we have a lot of power and that comes in the form of awareness.  If you are a guy, start learning to touch something deeper within you, rather than continuing to just act like an animal. Start developing mental and emotional mastery and reprogramming how you use your physical dominance over others, especially when it comes to sexual desires.  Treat everything as if it were you, because one day you might realize it is you.

One last note to think about and this really cracks me up the most. This is something so simple, but yet so powerful. Realize for your self in this moment that women give birth to men, you came from a female, yet on many levels, you convince yourself that you as a man are superior.

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