Dumb Kid – (yet, more Intelligent than you)

Most adults seem to believe that because they have had a longer time on this planet, that makes them somehow more intelligent than a kid. This is simply not true and better yet, it usually makes you more dumb the longer you are here. This is because, firstly, you haven’t ever even probably taken the time to learn Who You Are, yet you’ve been here so long. Secondly, you haven’t observed how this super sophisticated human operates, because you are too lazy and stupid. If you don’t think so, then why are you always stuck in survival? Chasing money, sex, fame, or you are distracted in society’s other shiny creations, rather than getting to the bottom of this. Thirdly, I most likely can assume that many of you aren’t living life connected to your authenticity, and that is because you are too fearful. In a kid’s words, “You are a chicken! pok! pok! pok pok pok!”.

Now, lets move to exhibit no2 of evidence why you are more dumb than a child.

For this lets talk computers. Which computer is more sophisticated? The model that you have currently, or the one that will come out in two years from now with labs of humans equipping it with the newest evolved technology? Of course, some purists will try to argue that a certain year of technology was better, and that’s when the best computer was. But, is this because you owned that one? hmm, are you biased? Nah, I don’t think so! Please start dialing your numbers on your rotary phone now, haha.

Exhibit no3.

Would you consider yourself smarter than a caveman or woman? Probably greatly! So you see, just the fact that a human has gone through so many reiterations from then until now, has to get you to the point that you can except that a child maybe the next line of sophisticated improvements to this human. Upgrade complete.

Now that perhaps your mind has been pried open slightly, i’ll move on to my experience with kids.

No, I do not have kids myself. So what gives me the right to talk about them, or to even think that I have a clue about them? Well, it’s because I have spent most of my teen and adult life hanging around and observing them. All different kinds. No, I’m not a teacher in the normal sense, I was a high performance tennis coach, but also taught beginners, and the majority of my students were kids, and because I wasn’t their parent, I was able to see a different less biased view that few get to see from the outside. I was also not the typical coach – which I would define as a sort of dictator. Someone who has some knowledge in a subject, and power, which they then use to rule over others less experienced, and if they don’t follow the rules, they get punished. Hmm, this seems like the tactic taken by many parents as well. Sure, this tactic works well in the short term when you want things to go your way, and when you have power, but nowadays this doesn’t work so well either because even kids won’t put up with your abuse for too long, as they have some of there own power by being connected to the world through the internet. Yes, I will agree that they take it out of hand sometimes too. I also know how hard it can be to deal with them sometimes, because at times they act closer to animals, or little monsters, then cute children, but so could be said of adults in this instance as well.

Anyways, I’m not writing this to give parenting tips. I’m just sharing my experience what I have learned. If you ask anyone that knows me fairly well, one of the first things they will tell you, is that I’m really good with kids or kids just like me for some reason. This is with my brother’s kids, the kids I’ve taught, or just random kids that I will meet in everyday life. I have thought about this a lot. Why is this so? and it comes down to this-it is because I am able to hold space for them to be themselves, and I treat them like everything else that I treat, and that is a piece of life that is just as important as any other. I talk to them and consider them as if they are just as important as an adult. In most instances, I don’t tell them what to do unless it’s really necessary, I ask them what they want to do, and just use my experience to find a common ground with them. Basically, I befriend them. I have fun with them and while we play, and laugh, I give them my guidance from my experience in the field. I don’t tell them my way is right, I don’t need power from them in that way because my ego isn’t fragile and needs to be built up. I allow them to teach me through their uniqueness of learning a skill or seeing life in a different way than I do. This builds trust and they are shown that they are seen and heard, because isn’t that what we all want?

When you start with this foundation, it’s amazing what you start to build with a kid or an adult. But sadly, mostly in this life the default position seems to be of domination, and that’s because we feel threatened and want power. We just try to dominate everything and everyone we meet. Whether it’s kids or nature, and this is because we haven’t realized the Truth, and that is that this is all You! Everything and Everyone is You, yet you still haven’t discovered this for yourself, or haven’t spent enough time integrating it into your worldview, which then causes you to continue to operate from the small piece that you think and believe that you are. And of course, from that standpoint you always want the upper hand, and that is to hold power and control, because for sure you don’t want to be in the position of others holding it over you or making you follow their rules.

Your journey to becoming a more conscious human can start at any moment, and the beauty is, is that anyone has the ability to do so. It’s the greatest gift that you can do for the world, especially for your children or just kids in general.

If you are ready?

A good starting point could be by picking up my book:
Be Human, Not a Zombie: A Guide to Finding Your Fundamental Nature

Don’t worry I was a Zombie once too 😛

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