Dirty Business

Pooping and farting seem to always be funny topics to think and talk about, but the fact is that many of us feel like we need to hide and are embarrassed when it comes to these natural phenomenon in some way. It seems to be even more so with women, because in society we tend to want to shine light on some aspects of life, but not on others.

The truth is that all creatures do these acts, and only if we get too consumed in our minds, do we want to hide this aspect of ourselves, due to usually trying to project a certain type of image of ourselves to others. This is especially true when you are living more in the inner world, because people who are more external aren’t too bothered even talking about, or just letting one rip haha. Ones who don’t want any attention, will rather suffer by holding it in or try to find all sorts of round about ways to get the job done, but when you realize these aren’t really in your control, you can finally start being more open and at ease with these happenings.

I know from my experience, I never wanted to feel exposed and put attention on myself because my mind was always coming up with scenarios of what other people would think of me and might make a big deal about it. Of course, it seems silly now when I take a higher view, but the mind is powerful and when you want to control life, and feel like being vulnerable is weak, you seem to want to hide aspects of yourself. It’s not like I’m just going and farting and pooping all over the place now, or leading conversations about this, but have definitely had a load of progress 😛

We seem to just take ourselves too seriously and forgot that this is as natural as shoving food in our mouth and that all humans do it, no matter of status.  My cat, just licks her butt right in front of me and she has no cares in the world.  I’m kind of glad we aren’t that comfortable and can even reach down there as they do, but I think this is something that we need to get over quickly and at a young age, because if you haven’t noticed for yourself yet, this farting and pooping business is a daily affair, and being consumed with all sorts of shenanigans in your mind about it is just too exhausting to live with.

You are occupying a body that is constantly eating, farting, pooping, burping, so just allow nature to do its thing because if you block an exit, it will cause more pressure in the system and even eventually result in unnecessary troubles.  When the body ain’t in ease, you get disease.  This hang up on wanting to control life even with natural happenings is quite stupid, mind as well start holding our breath too and see how that turns out.

Become aware of the all the ways farting and pooping affect your day to day life because it’s quite funny of all the ridiculous things we do to try and not feel exposed.

Recently, I heard a podcast where people share their funny and traumatizing experiences with this topic in 2 different scenarios. Worth a listen.

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