True Freedom

“the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint”
Google – Freedom Definition

Is this the case in our world today? Hell no! You can’t even say your opposing stance on something without facing all sorts of rock throwers. Especially today, many experts in their fields don’t speak out because their survival is in question if they do. Seems like things haven’t changed that much to a time when people were ready to stone a prostitute.

This term FREEDOM is always thrown around in countries and by people as if they know what they are talking about, but in reality, it’s just sort of word games that people like to play to get the masses interested in something. Usually, when new rules are being passed (Here’s some freedom, but you cant do this haha).

Try to realize today in your own experience that fundamentally, reality operates without your rules. There is no law in the universe saying that a bear cannot eat your baby, or that you cannot snack on it’s baby. Sorry for using babies if that disturbs you, but that really gets the point across. There are certain assumptions we can make, as science does to help understand and be able to manipulate reality, but those are all overlays, and those overlays are constantly being changed as new understandings arise, and mostly when the clingers to the old paradigms die off or get overthrown by the masses.

If you can envision a time much closer to cavemen (and women), you would have to admit that most likely there weren’t really many rules around yet either. Sure, there was rudimentary ways they communicated and established some cues that let each other know of things, probably similar to children and animals. Overall, it was mostly a fend for yourself type environment I suspect, which isn’t the most ideal especially if you weren’t a goliath and couldn’t do everything yourself.

So rules do come in handy, and they allow humans to live in a more coordinated fashion with each other, but with those rules, freedom slowly starts getting smaller and smaller.

Even in religion, we have been given all sorts of rules that we should abide by to get into some kind of Heaven and avoid this terrible place called Hell. But you have to remember that rules are created by humans, and if you want to seek something beyond as True religion is pointing to, then you have to get to a point in your journey where you have learned to transcend all the rules that have been placed on top of reality of what a good human should be, because those are subjective. This is not to say that if you reach this level, you become above any of these, it’s just you’ve developed the understanding that ultimately everything is ONE.

Do you need a rule telling you that you shouldn’t try to blow up the earth? Some perhaps do, but those are ones who are deeply separated from reality and just living in the mental construct of their mind.

Question everything, because you might be lucky to one day realize that You are CONSCIOUSNESS itself, and even though it’s taken your current form in this physical dimension, fundamentally it is formless, it is NOTHING and that is True Freedom, and YOU in your TRUEST are IT.

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