Love (The invisible Fabric)

Love is the invisible fabric that connects everything. Consciousness is Love. When you remove all that you think you are, you become Love because that’s what YOU have always been. When you just identify with being a human, the love that you are able to tap into is running through the human vessel and will always only be limited to the human’s wiring. Since the human is just a piece of consciousness, it will always experience love in pieces.

Through it, you will love this person and not that one. You will love this thing and not that thing, you will love your child and not another’s. This is all beautiful, because through the human experience you are able to focus in on whatever other piece of consciousness that resonate, attract, vibe with your piece. Enjoy this experience and live it as fully as you can.

There may come a point in your life though, that this is no longer enough. When you start to realize that it is impossible that you can only be a piece, and that Love isn’t just focused, but its the fabric that connects EVERYTHING together, then you may want to oscillate between the focused and the connection to pure consciousness that exists at any moment for all of us. It doesn’t matter if your white or black, this religion or that, straight or gay, poor or wealthy, skilled or unskilled, young or old. When this veil of you just being a human is unmasked. You don’t leave this human or run away to a cave, but you just live life with a new understanding, which may seem small to some, but in reality this will give you LOVE eyes. And through these eyes you will see that everything in life is allowed because consciousness is LOVE. This will allow you to not be so easily fooled and have compassion when love seems to be expressing itself in even the most unusual of ways.

Some of you may still be operating in this understanding that love should only be between a man and a woman, but in reality even a lion, a tiger, and bear can love each other, so you might want to stop clinging to your narrow view and allow life to show you that LOVE can link all forms, even if this may be uncomfortable for you to swallow, it is REAL.

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