Turned ON

Try to notice today in your own experience when this human you are attached to gets turned on.  If you’ve already been able to be the observer in other parts of your life, this will help because this experience is powerful and the typical way that this is experienced is in a possessed like state. Sexual energy is strong, and that’s why its best to practice with less intense things at first.

Once awareness is present in your everyday life, it can be also connected to when strong sexual energy is there, and rather then just merely being taken over by its power, which usually comes in the form of sensations, thoughts, feelings, fantasies, it can be used to connect to deeper dimensions within you as well.

Don’t get me wrong, being overtaken is fun on it’s own, and can open new dimensions within you as well, especially if those have never been explored fully, but if you want deeper wisdom and insights, you must even be able to be fully aware when the sexual energies are strong. You can still masturbate, play with a partner, have sex, but when you explore the sexual realm and use its energies to open new doors, sex isn’t your entire life, like it consumes most humans.

Sex is a loop, it’s fun, it can bring connection, and deeper insights if the right partners are found, but if you don’t open all the doors within you that are possible, it will just use you as the sexual energies will just be staying near your sexual center and never go beyond.  The mind is sneaky and sex is a perfect distraction for it to keep you in a loop of pleasure, not realizing that even though its a great experience, it doesn’t compare to the ultimate connection that you can have through union with the beyond.

Be natural, don’t repress, but while it’s happening become totally aware that you are ultimately playing with Yourself.

If you want power over your energies, you must not just be always overtaken by them. Example: if every time anger arises, and you are just taken by it, you will live a very problematic life. When you are aware of anger and go into it consciously, and perhaps scream and beat a pillow if need be, or in my case smash some racquets, it quickly becomes comical.

It’s okay to be overtaken, but if that’s basically your entire life, then you are just a sort of addict, your not the master and you will suffer because of it. Any new experience is beautiful, but once it fades, you will most likely cling, and want more and more, which slowly will start changing from fulfillment to wanting more and with your control.  This is the pattern of being consumed rather, then just living with life.

It’s also totally okay if you are okay with the loop.  Go nuts! Experience all that you can through it.  Perhaps, one day you will want to see what else is out there.  Your life, your pace.  And by all means, don’t be tricked into ever believing that the sexual dimension is something embarrassing, or it’s something you need to hide or avoid. You are a human and a human has all sorts of dimensions to it, so explore yourself as fully as you can. Remember, we are trained as kids to not touch ourselves, and put on clothes. Maybe you believe clothes are a part of you now, this is false. You don’t stay young forever, so enjoy your body and it’s vitality because the saddest thing possible is when old people are still trying to act like teenagers because they were too scared to be themselves while younger. Not saying you cannot be sexually active when you are older, but it’s a bit of a problem when you need to take or do all sorts of things to fool yourself that the body isn’t aging. Mind as well go all the way and pull out the blankie and start sucking your thumb too.

If you want some insights how to connect to the energy centers, including the Sexual Center, checkout my Practice section – Chakras

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