Intelligence Created / Mind Recreated – #1 Flight

Here is a little comparison of what Intelligence creates and then what the Mind recreates Notice how firstly the mind needs to recreate things that are already in existence and also notice how mind created stuff is vastly inferior to what intelligence brings into being.   Intelligence Created – Flight (Bird) -Efficient, light, and capable … More Intelligence Created / Mind Recreated – #1 Flight

Mirror Mirror on the Wall – An exercise to go beyond Mind

Here is another technique that can be used to get more conscious. Find a mounted mirror in your house, preferably¬†where it’s quiet and the mirror is a good size where you can sit or stand by it. Step One Get in a meditative state by connecting to the present moment as deeply as possible.¬† Meaning … More Mirror Mirror on the Wall – An exercise to go beyond Mind

What is Real?

From a very mental standpoint the question of what is real might seem absurd to many people, because it’s easy to say to oneself that obviously what you SEE right in front of you is what is real. Have you ever taken the time to investigate this theory though? It may appear that what is … More What is Real?