Mirror Mirror on the Wall – An exercise to go beyond Mind

Here is another technique that can be used to get more conscious.

Find a mounted mirror in your house, preferably where it’s quiet and the mirror is a good size where you can sit or stand by it.

Step One

Get in a meditative state by connecting to the present moment as deeply as possible.  Meaning start becoming aware of all that is right now without needing anything to be a certain way.

Here are some good things to focus on:

-Become aware of the breath flowing in and out of the body
-Feel all the sensations in and outside of the body.

-Allow all the sounds to be without wanting them to be gone, be different, or needing to classify them.
-See all the colors and visuals that are occurring in this very moment without judgments or other intellectual jargon.

Once you have been able to establish a connection to the present move to the next step.

Step Two

Start observing all that you see in the mirror without trying to understand anything.  Let go of any mind stuff, just observe all that is seen without needing anything to be otherwise.  Don’t Judge or analyze or try to do anything but just observe.

Be alert of the mind trying to come in and grab attention by taking you into its analytics.  If thoughts and emotions are present just accept them fully and don’t fight or try to change them.

Step Three

Stare through the mirror into the eyes and just continue to do this as long as possible while being totally present at this moment.  Just observe without needing anything to happen.

Step Four

Ask yourself who is this in the mirror? and just continue to look without the mind’s answers.  Just observe.

Step Five

If you do this while being totally present and maintaining a deep connection to the now, you might get to the point where you start to create some distance from your believed “self” and start noticing that this entity that is being seen isn’t ultimately you.

The whole reason for these types of exercises is to try and shake your beliefs about who you are and what is real.  You have to understand that the mind creates a world for us on top of actual reality and then we assume that is how it is.  Here we are focusing on getting outside of the mind and trying to establish a connection with the most fundamental. Outside of all additions.

Here is another thing to look for in a Mirror – Reflection

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Reflection If you look at a mirror what do you see? Have you even really looked? What most people see is a mind that doesn't stop. They see a self full of judgments, flaws, annoyances, fears, etc. all within. They don't see just a physical reflection, they see a bag of trauma that has been kept being shoved deep inside and ignored as the burden to face it in a world full of mind dominated zombies has made it just too tough. It is perfect that this word can be used in two ways because it is due to the lack of reflection that one is then consumed by their own self being reflected on to reality. If one starts taking the time to actually reflect daily, they can eventually get to the point where they realize that all their baggage that they hold on to is reflected into the physical and therefore what is seen in there perception is just all the crap that they have been holding on to since forever. If one wants to start having a clear reflection (truer perception), one must experience directly that all those things gathered are not who they are and they never were those things, they are just merely a bunch of clutter collected and created into a self that continues to be kept alive by the mind when one continues to live away from the present. Your mind is distorting reality, go beyond it to see a still reflection. #meditation #behumannotazombie #consciousness #truth #love #grow #mentalhealth #mindfree #mindful #one #author #newbook #yoga #zen #awareness #vegan #human #draw #art #booklaunch #technology #awaken #miracle #systemcheck #truth #mirrormirroronthewall #reflection #shadow #doodle #draw #sketch

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