Would you eat your Pet?

Seems like an absurd and emotion provoking question, right?

Many of you might be even triggered by this and on the verge of unsubscribing, but just read all of the post first and then make up your mind.

That is because many of you have pets and have created a strong connection with these weird, silly, loving, vulnerable creatures and even if you don’t have any pets, we as a society have created an identity about certain animals, and now it’s even difficult to view them as just pieces of life outside of what we think they are.

Why I pose this question is not because I want to gather evidence on how many people would be sick enough to do such a thing. I’m not hear to judge-that’s very low conscious behavior which doesn’t serve me anymore, and also, I used to eat pretty much anything before I started my journey. I just find it fascinating that humans can create any type of reality, individually, and also collectively.

In the West we get really bothered that certain places in the East have these types of wet markets where anything is available for consumption, even creatures such as dogs and cats.

People could argue, oh, but these creatures are more intelligent and should not be treated in this way. But if you look at life, it’s all intelligent in various ways, yet many times we don’t see that because we are attached just to some life forms, but not to others. We can’t make the leap to realize that life is intelligent. Also, just like you grew up eating what your family and your community has made normal for you, so is the case in these places. What is right and wrong is subjective.

What is crazy is that in the West, we have become so disconnect from food, that we just eat based on look, taste, conditioning from the past, and based on what is acceptable in society. It’s quite sad because if the average human had to get their own food, most people would probably be vegetarian because they wouldn’t have the guts to kill an animal. It’s quite easy to forget what happens when it’s placed on a shelf for us to purchase all cleaned up in a nice packaging.

I realized for myself that I’m kind of a hypocrite when I have a pet cat, but then I eat other animals that I have never killed on my own and would not, and that could have easily been also my pet. And when I have the option to eat a wide variety of other things that are just as tasty, and after 7 years of experimenting with plant based food on myself, I have witnessed that they make my body feel nourished and energized as well. I know that is not the case for everyone.

This post isn’t to make you feel guilty of what you do in your life, you know what is best for you and how you want to live your life. Well, hopefully you are in a position where you get to make your own choices in all aspect of your life and what works best for your body and mind.

These are just my own thoughts on a topic that is usually polarized. I’m not here to attack anyone because I know just as well that even the plants that I eat are intelligent.

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